Men's Medium Wash Jeans

Medium Wash Jeans Mens

Medium Wash Jeans Mens

With so many shades and washes of men's denim jeans to choose from, how do you know when to wear which shade or color? Men's medium-wash jeans from the collection offered by Lands' End, are ideal to wear for most casual occasions. They're a few shades lighter than the more dressy dark-wash or raw denim jeans, and they look fabulous with a variety of men's casual shirts, mens tall t-shirts, sweaters, and outerwear. We have plenty of sizes and styles of men's medium-wash denim jeans to choose from, so stock up on these closet essentials today.

The weekends are the ideal time to wear a pair of medium-wash jeans, especially ones that have a touch of stretchy spandex in the waistband. The spandex allows for freedom of movement while you're out playing a pick-up-football game with your friends, doing chores around the house, or having lunch with friends. Pair the pants with a flannel shirt, dark comfortable shoes, and, if it's chilly out, add a dark-wash denim jacket to the outfit.

Medium-wash men's jeans pair nicely with dark-colored T-shirts, men's polo shirts, or neutral-colored crew neck sweaters when the temperature drops. Polish this casual look by wearing a men's dark leather belt and shiny Oxford shoes. Medium-blue jeans in men's styles make great gifts for the man who likes to dress in a rugged style. Make his present even more special by adding a men's tailored button-down shirt that complements the blue of the denim pants.

Shop Lands' End today to find the perfect pair of medium-wash jeans in men's styles. You'll love how comfortable these men’s jeans are, and with proper care, they'll last for years and become your favorite pair of go-to jeans to wear day after day. Feel free to give our professional customer service representatives a call or chat through our website with any questions about sizing, styles, shipping options, or gift boxing. We are always happy to speak with you and look forward to your call soon.