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Men's Accessories

Men's Accessories, Socks, Ties, Gloves, Belts, Hats

All the most creatively assembled masculine outfits include strategically used men's accessories. At Land's End, we make it easy and rewarding to find those all-important complementing products and feel more confident whether you're suiting up for work or getting dressed in a men's polo shirt and a pair of your favorite relaxed-fit khakis before enjoying much-deserved social time after a long week.

We know the seemingly minor aspects of an outfit are just as important as the larger components. That's why we take a detail-oriented approach to designing products such as men's socks. You'll find options with features such as elasticized cuffs that won't sag as you move, plus reinforced stitching in areas such as the heel and toe for excellent durability during everyday wear. You can even incorporate monogramming into the soft cotton, giving your socks a personalized touch.

Perhaps you don't feel ready for a day at work without finding your favorite men's blazer and combining it with a necktie. That kind of look is perfect for a comparatively casual work environment where you still prefer to look stylishly sharp whether conferring with colleagues, pitching ideas to clients, or going to an out-of-town business meeting.

Our men's ties come in solid, striped, and even polka-dot options. That means no matter how you want to express individuality, it's easy to do so while still conforming to your workplace's dress code. Our colorful and professional ties also make fantastic gifts. Whether you're shopping for Father's Day, the holiday season, or another significant time of the year, don't get too far into the process without browsing our assortment.

Consider completing your gift-giving gesture with a men's belt. Such an accessory is a practical accompaniment to a pair of men's pants. Find them in suede, braided leather, and reversible styles.

Also, don't forget to invest in at least one pair of men's gloves before the coldest temperatures of winter arrive. Frigid fingers make it difficult to grip, point, and do other essential movements with your fingers and hands. Avoid those inconveniences with our snug-fitting gloves that keep the chill out and promote the freedom of movement you need to keep using your hands without hassles.

At Land's End, our aim is to make the online shopping process as smooth and productive as possible.Shop for accessories today.