Heartwood Bird Houses

Heartwood Bat Houses

Heartwood Bat Houses

Heartwood Birdhouses

Help the birds in your neighborhood with Heartwood birdhouses. Also known as nesting boxes and bird boxes, these structures help provide a protected and safe space for birds to raise and nest their young. You can place them at home in your garden or front yard to attract birds. There are plenty of reasons why you might decide to install a birdhouse. Some love doing their part to promote biodiversity, and others simply enjoy birdwatching and looking at the birds that use the birdhouse.

You may have heard of a birdhouse, but did you know that Heartwood also makes Heartwood bat houses? While birdhouses are intended to attract birds to your home, a bat house doesn’t necessarily increase the likelihood that a bat will move into your home. If you have an attic, there’s a chance that a bat is already hanging up there or they’ve moved into your wall spaces. Try the vintage bat house with a weathered look made from solid wood meant to last for generations. Thanks to the ventilation and drainage built in, any smart bat will be ready to move into their new bat house.

What better way to get up close and personal with beautiful butterflies than with Heartwood butterfly houses? Our butterfly houses go perfectly with our wide selection of other outdoor decor, including classic Adirondack chairs and cozy outdoor rocking chairs. Butterfly houses, also called butterfly conservatories, help provide a protected environment for butterflies to breed and live. They’re designed to mimic the natural habitat of butterflies to live and lay their eggs. It’s especially helpful for butterfly conservation to provide a safe habitat for any endangered or threatened species of butterflies.

Heartwood Bat Houses

Welcome a beautiful bluebird to your home with Heartwood bluebird birdhouses. Get them in a wide variety of colors, like a pretty turquoise or fun yellow. Because birds can distinguish colors better than humans, a brightly colored birdhouse is a great way to attract birds to your outdoor space. It’s a bright future for you and the bluebirds!

Attract a charming wren and hear them sing their heart out with Heartwood wren birdhouses. Did you know that even though they’re known for being such a small bird, they can sing a noticeably loud song? To better attract the attention of a wren, you can offer them shelled peanuts, peanut butter, and suet (the raw, hard fat of beef, lamb, and mutton) in a shallow dish or tray feeder.

They say if you love something, you should set it free. With the Heartwood birdhouses, you get the best of both worlds. Looking for other outdoor decor you’ll love? Check out our patio furniture so you can sit on your comfy chair and watch the birds as they come and go.