Girls' Uniform Shorts

Uniform Shorts For Girls

Uniform Shorts For Girls

School uniforms are becoming more common in educational institutions across the nation. If your child attends a school that requires a uniform, you may be struggling to find options that meet the requirements of the institution while allowing for some personal expression in terms of style. At Lands' End, you can find a wide selection of uniform shorts designed just for girls. The available girls uniform shorts come in a range of sizes, styles, colors, and lengths, so your daughter can select a pair or two that she will enjoy wearing.

At most schools, shorts are allowed as part of the required uniform, especially when the weather is warm. Girls school shorts are typically simple, showing off pleats or cuffs on neutral backdrops of navy, khaki, black, or gray. Many girls prefer to wear shorts as part of their school uniform because they can still be active at recess or in their other activities. Pants are more restrictive, while uniform skirts don't offer as much flexibility or versatility. Your daughter may find the shorts to be so comfortable that she wants to wear them after school and on the weekends!

The shorts are also available with elastic waists and button-front waists to fit any figure. The knit shorts are designed for PE class and other situations where the students are more active, such as after-school sports practices. If your child's school has stricter color requirements, you can shop just the girls khaki shorts or any other color that the school may require students to wear. You can find a wide variety of kids uniforms options, making it easier for you to get what your children need without having to spend hours at various stores.

The options of school uniforms for girls at Lands' End also include school uniform polo shirts, skirts, girls' skorts, and pants, helping you to complete your daughter's school-ready wardrobe in one place. Take advantage of the wide range of sizes that fit toddlers to teenagers and everyone in between. Check out the selection of stylish and comfortable shorts, along with other necessities to outfit your children for the upcoming school year.