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Girls' Skorts

Girls' Scooter Skirt

When you're shopping for school uniforms or back-to-school wardrobe essentials, be sure to take a look at the collection of girls' skorts at Lands' End. Wondering how to wear skorts? A skort is a girl's skirt with shorts attached, giving your little one more freedom to move. This apparel item is especially popular among active girls who like to dress up but don't want to feel inhibited by how they can move without their skirt going up. One thing is certain, if you're looking for girls' skirts and skorts, you're in the right place.

You may also hear people refer to a skort as a scooter, but either way, it's an apparel piece that works for girls of all ages. The shorts beneath the skirt allow your little girl to do cartwheels, play on the playground, and even run around without feeling like her undies are showing or she can't move around as well. Skorts are as comfortable as shorts but deliver the feminine silhouette of a skirt. All the skorts at Lands' End are made of high-quality fabrics, so they'll last through many washes and wears. Choose from skorts with bright, eye-catching patterns or simple, solid-color styles. You'll find the perfect girls' scooter skirt no matter her style.

This practical, comfortable bottom is also a good fit for girls who wear school uniforms. Many schools across the nation require uniforms, and a neutral-colored skort will complement your daughter's polo, button-down, or other required top. The collection of girls' skort skirt options at Lands' End includes styles in varying lengths, cuts, and colors. Pleated skorts are a little more formal, while a skort with a ruffle allows your little one to twirl to her heart's content. You'll also find girls' fashion skorts that hit at the knee and above the knee. 

As you're preparing for the year ahead, don't forget to pick up a few other apparel pieces at Lands' End. You can find plenty of options for girls of all ages, ranging from toddlers to teenagers. The collection of girls' apparel includes tops, girls’ T-shirts, pants, shorts, and footwear. Accessories are also available, such as underwear and socks, along with kids' backpacks, lunch bags, and other options for your little fashionista.