Fleece Dresses

Fleece Dress

Fleece Dress

Fleece dresses are comfortable, cozy style options for chilly days. Fleece, known to keep the body warm and keep heat in, is the perfect fabric to brave a cold winter day. With a range of styles and patterns at Lands’ End, you can choose from something that you can dress up or down, meaning you can dress confidently, no matter the occasion,  without worry.

When choosing a fleece dress, keep your body shape and preferences in mind. Choosing a fleece dress that fits properly, as with all clothes, is important for comfort and confidence. Many fleece dresses come in a loose-fitting, comfort style - oftentimes as a zip-up or snap-up; similar to Lands’ End fleece pullovers. While they are the perfect option for snuggling up by a fireplace, they’re also easy to style for a day outside. Heading out in the winter doesn’t require silk long underwear under a pair of jeans, and multiple bulky layers on top! Try pairing black nylon tights with a simple black fleece dress. This way, you can easily slide another layer under or over the fleece dress, if the weather calls for it. Upgrade this look  with heeled booties and a winter parka with a fur-lined hood. Keeping it all black with a few pops of color here and there is a simple, timeless cold-weather look.

If you opt for a fleece dress in a similar style to a fleece pullover, you can easily wear the dress as both by tucking the bottom portion of the dress into your pants, or just wearing it as a long sweater/shirt - sort of like a tunic. A women’s red fleece dress paired with black pull on pants can make for a comfortable outfit that’s versatile enough to wear both shopping in town and for something as simple as cozying up with a book at home. Add a cashmere scarf to the mix, and you’ll be sure to stay warm on even the most bitter days.

Whether you’re looking for a warm outfit to wear on snow days, or an at-home relaxation staple, Lands’ End fleece dresses for women will do the trick. After all, fleece is one of the best options for staying warm during colder months, and with so many versatile styles, patterns, and colors, you’ll be sure to find one that fits your needs. From fleece dresses and pullovers to fleece pajamas and robes, your next winter adventure will be completed with confidence with Lands’ End’s fleece collection.