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Candle, Candle Holders, & Scented Candles

Candle, Candle Holders, & Scented Candles

As the cooler months draw nearer, the desire to set out a special candle or two becomes stronger. We naturally look at our candle holders and candlesticks, considering if we like this tin on the mantel or these glass candle holders on the dining table.

Depending on where your family celebrates the holidays each year, there may even be special scented candles that recall your best and happiest memories, and it doesn't matter if Christmas came to you straight from your local Midwestern department store or if Santa arrived at your drafty-but-festive seaside cottage, those fragrances can pull you right back. Beach dwellers, consider the lovely Fresh Sea Salt scented candles on offer at Lands' End. Sea salt, jasmine, and marine notes blend to take you to the shore each time you light this candle, and if you remember stringing popcorn and fairy lights around the driftwood, all the better.

Of course, candles need proper candle holders to be safe décor items, so consider our elegant hurricane-style glass candle holders or a tall candlestick holder to keep flames away from the furniture. We want you to enjoy the fragrance of our high-quality scented candles without ever worrying about safety. Our candles are packaged in attractive, display-worthy tins, and we offer an attractive selection of practical candle holders and glass candle holders for other candles in your home.

Seasonal décor is always a great way to make your home feel festive and cozy year round. And the holidays are always a time for guests and family to visit. Make sure you are well stocked on cozy fleece blankets and extra bed sheets for when those out of town guests arrive. And if you are a big fan of decorating for the holidays, a beautiful personalized needlepoint Christmas stocking hanging from the mantel will be a sure way to wow your guests.

Set a mood, be it festive, romantic, or meditative, with lovely candles and scented candles from Lands' End. Find candles and candle holders at Lands' End.