Boys' Swimsuit Coverups

Boys' Terry Swim Coverup

Boys' Terry Swim Coverup

Lands' End has a nice assortment of swimsuit coverups for kids that the little boy in your life is sure to appreciate. After a full day of playing and splashing in the water, he'll be happy to cozy up in something dry. 

We have plenty of boys' coverups that are perfect for a day by the pool or gallivanting on the beach. Whether you're driving in the car or walking through the hotel lobby, our boys' swim coverups pair nicely with his favorite boys' swim trunks. Choose a color that matches his swimsuit to create a put-together look. You could even match his boys' rash guard with the entire ensemble. 

Some of our boys' swimsuit coverups are made with a UPF 50 finish to protect your child from the sun. Consider it an additional layer of sunscreen wherever the fabric sits on his skin. This is especially helpful for parents or grandparents keeping track of multiple kids by the water. We understand that reapplying sunscreen throughout the day is a big task, which is why throwing on this coverup helps keep a lot of his skin protected. 

Many of our kids' swimsuit coverups also are made with moisture-wicking fabric that dries quickly. This way, he can cozy up on the beach or by the pool when he's ready to be done swimming. They're also an excellent option when you're running into the ice cream shop or a local convenience store. Abiding by the shirt-and-shoes service rules has never been easier. 

Our kids' terry swim coverup also dries in a flash. That's because its terry fabric absorbs water like a sponge, letting your kid feel dry when he's ready to transition to the next activity. 

Lands' End has plenty of coverups for the kid in your life. Shop our selection to find the perfect options for your family. They come in multiple styles and fits, giving you the versatility you need with a growing boy.