Boy's Rash Guard

Boys Swim Shirts

Boys Swim Shirts

Boy’s Rash Guard

Rashguards, also known as swim shirts or rashies, protect your boy’s body against rashes and abrasions that can happen during swimming. Rashguards can also be a beach or pool coverup that protects your child from harmful UV rays. Save sunscreen one hoodie at a time with the kids’ long sleeve UPF 50 sun hoodie in deep-sea navy. The moisture-wicking fabric dries quickly while the hood keeps his ears warm and his hair dry.

It’s not easy keeping kids covered with sunscreen. That’s where our swim shirts come in. Our boys’ rash guards are designed to be lightweight and quick-drying. If you’re looking for max protection for the pool, beach, and lake that your boy will love, check out the boys’ short sleeve graphic UPF 50 swim rash guard. It comes in fun designs like a dino skull and palm trees.

Getting a rash guard means that he’ll be protected not only when he’s playing at the beach but also from the sun’s UV rays to prevent sunburns and too much sun exposure. Opt for swim shirts with UPF 50 protection, the highest possible, for smarter sun time. It’s the ultimate backup to sunscreen, blocking 98% of harmful UV rays.

Boys Swim Shirts

It’s time to bring your little one to the beach, but with all that fun in the sun, water, and sand, how do they stay dry and avoid irritation? Opt for boys swim shirts that have a moisture-wicking finish to help your boy dry in a flash. A mock neck offers more coverage. Don’t forget about matching boys’ swimming trunks!

Even just one swim shirt for him can offer so many benefits. Any of our garments that have UPF 50 protection means that our fabric’s protection lasts the life of the garment as well, even with lots of washing, sun exposure, and all that salt water and chlorine. The stretchy fabric blend holds its shape when wet, so his shirt won’t feel like a heavy balloon when he gets out of the water.

There are so many colors, styles, and fits to choose from. If he wants California surfer vibes, go for the tie-dye swim shirt with bright swirls or deep-sea navy. If your little one prefers fun solid colors, try the long sleeve electric yellow neon swim shirt. Get the best of both worlds and get a collection of them to go with your family swimwear. Consider getting a couple of swim shirts to always have a freshly laundered one ready to go for your next day at the beach.