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Boys Sandals

Sandals for Boys

Whether you're going on a tropical family vacation, preparing for sending the kids to camp this summer, or planning to spend a lot of time by the pool, we have the sandals for boys that will let your child enjoy the warmer weather and water activities while keeping their feet protected. Active boys will love our action kids sandals, and everyone can appreciate a good pair of flip flops with a fun print for their boys swim trunks.

From toddler boy sandals to closed toed kids sandals, we have everything you need to make this summer the best one yet. Kids (and the adults who care for them!) gravitate to shoes that foster independence and are versatile with lots of outfits. Look for boys sandals and baby boy sandals that are easy to put on and take off so kids don't complain next time they have to get ready. They'll love wearing sandals with everything from kids T-shirts on casual days to boys polo shirts when they need to get a little more dressy. Sandals for boys are a perfect option for laid-back days spent outside in the summer sun.

Whatever style you choose, durable shoes let kids be kids while they run around outside. Equip your child with sturdy kids sandals for the comfort of an open shoe that still protects. Our sandals and toddler boy sandals will take kids from the park to the beach and back again. And they're easy to clean—a definite plus for the grownups!

Our collection of sandals for boys protect little feet from hot sand and pavement. Great traction means that kids will stay safe while running around. After all, what's summer for if not long days spent exploring the outdoors? With sturdy soles and slip-resistant construction—not to mention eye-catching design—our kids sandals and baby boy sandals make time spent outside fun for both kids and the grownups who take care of them. Shop today to upgrade the kids' warm-weather wardrobe with boys sandals from Lands' End.