Husky Boys' Swim Shirts

Husky Boys Rash Guards

Husky Boys Rash Guards

As you prepare for a spring break vacation or a summer getaway with your family, don't forget to pick up some swimwear for your kids. In addition to women's swimwear for you and men's swim trunks for your husband, be sure to shop for kids' swimwear at Lands' End!

You can discover a husky boys' swim shirt that is perfect for your son at our store. Our selection can keep your son comfortable and active when playing at the community pool or swimming at the beach. The pieces we have available won't restrict your son if he is trying to perfect his cannonball or find his friends during a game of Marco Polo.

Some of the husky boys' swim shirts for sale at Lands' End are made with protective fabric that can shield your son from the sun. The UPF 50 protected fabrics available block 98 percent of UV rays. Also, the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends these fabrics as an effective UV protectant (for covered areas only).

If you are worried about your son getting a rash or sunburn this summer, don't be. You can find a boys' husky swim shirt that is long-sleeved and has a mock-neck, supplying as much coverage as possible for your little one. Consider adding boys' rash guards to your son's beach outfits to provide even greater coverage from the sun.

There is a boys' swim shirt available in a color and style that your son will love at Lands' End. Discover a solid color rash guard that pairs well with your son's swimming trunks, or opt for a shirt with a pattern or design to show off your son's style.

When you shop with us, know that you can find a husky boys' rash guard that will fit your son. Shop our husky selection of swimwear to dress your son for the summer or for an upcoming beach vacation. At Lands' End, we are dedicated to providing clothing to our customers that is as comfortable as possible.