Boys' Husky Pants

Husky Khaki Pants & Husky Dress Pants

Husky Khaki Pants & Husky Dress Pants

Husky Pants

Whether you are looking for sweatpants or cargo pants for your boy with a big frame, we have lots of boys' husky size pants to choose from. When your boy gets dressed every day, he wants to have a pair of pants that fits him just right, and you will find husky pants for him that are comfortable and look great on his strong frame.

If your strapping young man needs a boys' size 20 husky pants, we have you covered. He can have a pair of chino pants in that size to wear to school, making him look well put together. Have him wear a boys' husky polo shirt with the pants and he will look handsome as can be. Or his husky size pants could be more of a casual pull-on style for lounging around the house on the weekend. He can be even more comfortable when he has a pair of cozy boys' slippers on his feet.

Kids' husky pants with pockets are a great way for boys to keep track of their house keys, cell phones, or money. You can find cargo-style pants in a variety of colors, so he can have several pairs to wear. These pants look great with a long-sleeved boys’ husky T-shirt tucked into them.

Size 16 husky pants that are either a pull-on, jeans, chinos, or cargo pants will fit the boy's stocky frame perfectly. Have him wear any of the boys' husky shirts with his pants, and he is ready to go for the day, whether at school or hanging out with his friends.

Shop Lands' End today to find just the right pair of boys' husky pants that he will enjoy wearing. You can use the available handy husky pants size chart for boys or give our knowledgeable customer service representatives a call or chat and we can help with sizing. We are available and happy to speak with you!