Wash Cloths: Face Towels & Wash Rags

Wash Cloths: Face Towels & Wash Rags

Every bathroom needs towels and washcloths that lend an air of sophisticated style to the setting, all while making the people who use these towels comfortable. You can count on that combination when you bring home a face cloth from Lands' End! Our washcloths use only the finest materials, so you can look forward to soft, absorbent fabrics that get the job done while pampering you. No matter if you're adding to your towel collection or you're redoing your bathroom decor, you'll find all the washcloths you need to create a welcoming environment for your family.

Whether you're redecorating the kids' bathroom or it's time to upgrade your own bathroom, a good towel set goes a long way. Make sure everyone in the family has a washcloth they love! If you're a big fan of your Supima cotton sheets or duvet covers, try out a face towel made from the same soft Supima fabric. This collection also features hydrocotton, Turkish spa towels, and so much more. Whether you're looking for something dense and absorbent or light and fluffy, you'll find the washcloths that fit your needs here.

Once you pick a fabric you love, it's time to find the right design for your decor. That's easier than ever before thanks to our extensive selection! Find a solid color wash cloth that matches with your bathroom rugs to create an elegant environment in your own home. From soft, neutral tones like gray, white, or beige to chic hues like light green or blue (and everything in between!), you'll find the washcloths that show off your unique personal style.

Want to change things up with a patterned design? We offer washcloths featuring sophisticated stripes, elegant jacquard, and more. The right wash rag can take your bathroom decorations to the next level. It's something you'll be using on a daily basis, after all, so you want to make sure you choose a cloth that's both comfortable and stylish!

You can always shop with complete confidence at Lands' End, and that's true of all of our towel sets. You can stock up on washcloths that will impress the whole family right here. Our washcloths deliver superior comfort combined with elegant style, and you'll enjoy using yours every day! Our soft, luxurious fabrics upgrade your daily routine. There's no need to book a spa getaway when you have these washcloths to use right at home. Shop for washcloths at Lands' End today!