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Stock up on our men's embroidered work shirts for a polished and professional appearance in the office, in the field and everywhere in between. With customized work uniform shirts expertly embroidered with your logo, keep your brand name front and center. Add another opportunity to boost your brand with our men's embroidered jackets that will also provide weather protection when employees are making the daily commute or working outside. Wearing custom embroidered shirts with jackets layered over the top means your employees have multiple ways of promoting brand recognition.

For a head-to-toe look, check out our men's embroidered work shirts, jackets, pants and hats. All of our customized work uniform separates provide the perfect background for your high-impact logo. From the office to the operating room, our custom embroidered shirts offer style, comfort and durability. And these uniform polo shirts with logo as well as our button down shirts and scrubs will stand up to the rigors of regular wear and tear. That’s because high-performance fabrics in our custom logo shirts will repel all the things that make them look old and worn before their time.

These men's embroidered work shirts are so versatile that they can be worn with any of our other professional pants and jackets. Classic styling and modern fabrics make our custom embroidered shirts a stand out wherever the work takes your team members. Pair these company shirts with pants, shorts and coordinating scrubs for overall good looks in the workplace. Employers can count on our custom logo shirts to look their best and boost brands wear after wear.

For casual Fridays or outdoor jobs, our uniform polo shirts with logo will help to maintain a professional look without sacrificing comfort. These men's embroidered work shirts can be paired with everything from chinos and jeans to shorts and dress pants depending on the workplace. To dress up our customized work uniform shirts, layer them under blazers or jackets that will instantly elevate any uniformed look. With men's embroidered jackets, employees will keep your logo front and center – jacket on or off!

Top to bottom, our men's embroidered work shirts are made for comfort, durability and great style. In these customized work uniform shirts, employees will look like consummate professionals while boosting your brand.

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Make our embroidered shirts part of your uniform program for easy wear and even easier care.

An innovative finish on men's embroidered work shirts keeps them looking clean and tidy every day. Our uniform polo shirts repel spills and splashes, so stains will lift right out in the wash. Our customized work uniform separates also resist stretching, fading and pilling for shirts that look new every time employees pull them off the hanger. Toss these quality custom embroidered shirts in the laundry after a long day on the job and they’ll come out of the dryer ready to wear.

To boost your brand, we’ll expertly embroider uniform polo shirts, t shirts and button down shirts with your logo. Soft and smooth, our men's embroidered work shirts provide the perfect backdrop for your high-impact emblem. Choose these customized work uniform shirts, your brand colors from over 300 thread options and let us handle the rest. We’ll use our innovative technique on men's embroidered jackets and shirts to keep it from fraying or fading, so it stays looking newer, longer.

Pair these men's custom embroidery shirts with any of our high-quality separates for a workday-appropriate uniform. Dressed up or down, these customized work uniform shirts will look their best in the office, in the field and everywhere in between. For outdoor work and inclement weather, choose our logo shirts and men's embroidered jackets. Or choose our classic custom embroidered shirts in polo or button down styles for a day at the office instead.

Stock up on these men's embroidered work shirts to promote your brand wherever your team members go. Shop for our customized work uniform shirts from a wide variety of styles, colors and extended sizing options. With so many custom logo shirts to choose from, you’ll find the perfect choice for everybody on your team. They’ll love our custom embroidered shirts for the all-day comfort and long-lasting wear as well as the easy care.

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Products 25 - 36 of 501