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When you add our embroidered dress shirts to your business team uniforms, you'll bring more awareness to your high-quality products and services. Because our men's uniform dress shirts feature pinpoint reproductions of your company logo, these uniform clothes help your logo stand out, and stay in the minds of customers and clients. For our embroidered business logo dress shirts, our talented embroiderers use state-of-the-art technology. So our customized work uniform shirts showcase your logo in colorful, strong threads that repel fraying and stay looking new longer.

Everywhere they're worn, our embroidered dress shirts will bring more visibility to your brand name, whether team members are meeting clients across town or staffing a tradeshow booth in another state. Sharp uniform solutions, our men's work uniform shirts instantly update your existing employee uniforms. Our embroidered business logo dress shirts are also polished, comfortable and durable beginnings to a whole new look for your team. We size our customized work uniform shirts to fit every employee well from day one.

Great brand boosters, our embroidered dress shirts put your logo front and center. Along with our men's uniform dress shirts, consider customizing our men's jackets, sweatshirts and blazers with your company logo.

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Classic business apparel, our embroidered custom shirts feature sturdy, comfortable fabrics and the highest quality construction.

Enhance your brand with embroidered dress shirts from Lands' End. Careful embroidery turns our men's uniform shirts into brand-boosting business apparel that helps make your company logo more recognizable. You can pair our embroidered business logo dress shirts with our uniform trousers, customized blazers or other business clothing separates for your ideal uniform program. Durable and dependable, our customized work uniform shirts provide a sharp look every day.

When employees wear our embroidered dress shirts, customers will remember your iconic company logo. In the office, our men's uniform dress shirts give your staff a unified appearance. Employees will pack our embroidered business logo dress shirts for tradeshows and conventions, where our vibrant and carefully stitched logos will make a strong, lasting impression. Offering eye-catching appeal, our customized work uniform shirts feature your logo prominently, wherever your employees wear these brand-building custom clothes.

You'll find our embroidered dress shirts in colors that complement your company logo. So look for our customized work uniform shirts in rich red, soapstone, bright chamois, French blue or other colors. Consider our men's uniform dress shirts in Tattersall, plaid or other distinctive patterns that bring a fresh look to your business team uniforms. Some of our bestselling business button down shirts include our easy care broadcloth or poplin styles that pop out of the dryer, ready to wear.

What's great about our embroidered dress shirts is that they can be dressed up or down, depending on the uniforms you have in mind. Pair our men's uniform dress shirts with our sport coats or blazers and dress pants, or create a more casual look with our men's uniform chinos and our cashmere sweaters. Whatever styles of embroidered business logo dress shirts you pick, you can be sure these uniform clothes fit your staff perfectly. To boost durability, our customized work uniforms shirts can feature special treatments that keep accidental spills from staining.

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