Are Leggings Good for Winter?

Are Leggings Good for Winter?

Depending on where you live, leggings can be a year-round staple. But once the colder months roll around, most people tend to toss legging to the back of their drawers and forget about them. So are they losing endless opportunities to wear leggings during the winter? First, let’s try to figure out whether or not leggings are good for winter outfits.

When to Wear Leggings in Winter

A quick Pinterest binge or Instagram feed scroll is filled with influencer inspiration from every city in the world. But, if you look closely, you might be surprised to find that many of them rock leggings all year, no matter the season! Leggings are supremely versatile, and with a few style tricks, you can get them ready for even the coldest winter nights. Here are some occasions and style tips for wearing leggings in the winter :

1) You can style your leggings for working out :

Our women’s high rise compression leggings are a must have essential for your activewear collection. The compression, high waisted, waistband lies flat on the stomach providing a confident fit. This compression technology provides structure and support preventing the material from rolling down. Moisture-wicking technology prevents sweat from evaporating into your leggings, keeping you dry during your workout. These leggings provide a stretchy fabric that allows you to move, while preventing you from feeling restricted while exercising. It is the perfect piece of activewear to add to your collection.

2)You can style your leggings for on the go :

You can also style your leggings casually by pairing your leggings with a classic long sleeve t-shirt , sweatshirt, and sneakers. This makes for the perfect on the go outfit. This outfit is for the mom's who are having a busy morning just dropped the kids off at school and are squeezing in a quick morning run before heading to work. You can also pair your leggings with a women's thermal shirt, winter coat and snow boots. This is a great way to style your leggings for a chilly snowy winter day . This outfit will keep you nice and warm and dry from the snow. Another way you can style leggings is with a women's cashmere sweater and a pair of leather booties. This outfit is great for a cozy date night outfit or a girls night out.

3) You can wear a pair of fleece lined leggings:

Nonetheless, wearing leggings in winter has some downfalls. One tip for wearing leggings during the winter is wearing a pair of fleece lined leggings. Traditional leggings tend to be made of a thinner spandex material. Which is not always the best during the winter since they don't help trap the heat in. Which is why wearing a pair of fleece leggings is a must due to the soft fleece lining. These types of pants would pair really nicely with a sweater and a warm winter coat. This whole look would be great to keep you warm when you have to spend an extended amount of time outside. They are perfect for walking your dog in the cold weather, attending a hockey game, or having to shovel your driveway after a snowfall. The opportunities are endless! Fleece lined leggings will provide you with the extra warmth you need during the winter. You can even layer your fleece lined leggings under a pair of women's snow pants. Great for a day filled with sleigh riding outside with your kids !

Bottom Line: Are They Good or Not?

Yes, leggings are good for winter. Or any time of the year, for that matter.

Whether you go with fleece lined leggings or a classic pair of leggings, they are staples that never go out of style. With so many outfit possibilities and their endless versatility, it’s easy to find new outfit ideas to wear every day. All you need is a little bit of creativity, the right pair of temperature-control leggings, and your best accessories to rock your winter style. Leggings are so flexible in their use that the limit is non-existent. Browse Lands’ End collections to find your favorite winter styles – including our comfiest leggings.


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