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Women's Wool Sweaters

Women's Wool Sweaters

A wool sweater is among the most practical pieces of knitwear anyone can own. Wool retains its insulating properties even when wet, making it a safe fabric to wear on the water, and meaning it is eminently practical in damp weather. While you may not have to worry about falling "into the drink" on a fishing boat or keeping warm on a trek across the Scottish Highlands, you can enjoy the high-quality, long-lasting and truly beautiful women's wool sweaters on offer at Lands' End. From classic cable knit wool sweaters to elegant wool capes to a fine women's merino wool sweater, we have the wool sweaters you want at Lands' End.

A womens wool sweater is an excellent layering piece. Over a soft long-sleeved T-shirt and under a women's down vest your wool sweater can keep you warm and dry on a long, damp autumn hike. On a crisp-but-sunny afternoon, a women's merino wool sweater might be the perfect thing to pair with your women's jeans for a short sail around the lake—it's chic, light, and warm.

Wool sweaters and cardigans are adaptable to nearly any occasion. Worn over a women's blouse with a skirt and boots, a women's wool sweater is dressy and conservative. Thrown on with jeans and a fabulous scarf, that same wool sweater makes a very different statement! A selection of great quality wool sweaters from Lands' End, in a variety of styles and colors, adds lots of flexibility to your wardrobe. With a merino wool sweater womens wardrobes get an extra touch of luxury, too! Merino sheep produce an extremely soft long-staple wool, valued for the superior fabric it makes for centuries. Merino wool is a sumptuous option in wool sweaters.

You can never have too many wool sweaters, especially if one is a fine women's merino wool sweater, so browse Lands' End's terrific collection. As always, shop with perfect confidence at Lands' End! If you are not thrilled with your new wool sweater, you can send it back, no questions asked, thanks to our famous Guaranteed. Period.® policy. Shop women's wool sweaters at Lands' End!