Why I love sweaters

Sweater season is here! On chilly days, there’s nothing like cuddling up in your favorite knitwear with a good book and a cup of tea. Lands’ End makes cozy sweaters in almost every color and style imaginable, so take a look and find one you love.

Sweaters might seem like practical cold weather gear, but they can be downright indulgent. Slip into a cashmere turtleneck when you want to pamper yourself and savor the incredible softness. Don’t stress about the price either, as cashmere lasts for years with proper care.

Jump on the poncho sweater movement. This, friends, is the best design ever to make its return. If you remember the 70s, or relive them through television re-runs, ponchos were everywhere. Now they’re back, softer and more stylish (yes, cashmere ponchos are a thing. A gloriously soft thing), ready to soften your always-leggings tendencies. The long-over-lean look is great with skinny jeans, too. Wear one to the airport and you have a snuggly blanket.

Layering up with a sweater is an easy way to beat the cold. Wear one of our women’s winter vests over a blouse or long-sleeve shirt, and throw on your coat. Add a pair of thick socks and water-resistant boots, and you’re ready to face the elements.

Don’t forget to check the washing instructions on your sweater! Whether it’s made of wool, cashmere, cotton or something else, sweaters last longer and look better when treated right.

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