Why I Love My Boot Cut Jeans

Why I Love My Boot Cut Jeans

Boot cut jeans are a favorite and classic cut for denim. While they may have landed a bad reputation for looking dated, they are quickly making a comeback with their vintage slight flare and versatility, allowing them to be paired with everything from a white T-shirt and sneakers or slide-ons to a silky blouse and heeled boots for a more formal look. When it comes to choosing a style of denim, there isn't a much more loved pair of women's jeans to go from day to night. Perfect for all ages and available in all different waistlines and bands, the boot cut is a classic, all-American style for the ages.

We're pretty passionate about denim, and boot cut jeans give the appearance of long legs while balancing out more curvy body shapes, making these the ultimate fit for more well endowed or hourglass shapes. If you're looking for a fit that flatters curves and narrows wide hips for a more trim and tailored look, boot cut jeans are the best choice. Paired with the right shoes or boots, these jeans can lengthen legs and give any style a vintage vibe.

1. The Cut

There are so many different cuts of jeans: skinny leg, straight leg jeans, slim fit, and flared. It's hard to choose the right cut to achieve your desired look. Boot cut jeans are the ultimate cut for when you're in between styles and want an all-around good pair of jeans. With a slightly tapered thigh area, boot cut jeans hug the hips and thighs, giving a fitted and sexy appearance, but then widen from the knee to the hem, balancing out the shoulders. This fit can be worn looser for a more relaxed look, or tighter for a more tailored and polished feel. The cut is comfortable, and offers varied waistlines from mid-rise and low-rise to high-rise jeans,it can suit any body shape. Additionally, this cut is unpretentious and a classic that has survived the many trends and fashion fads, making it a style of denim that anyone can wear.

2. The Length

Boot cut jeans are seriously underestimated. Their longer legs give the appearance of extra-long stems, and their shape, with a slight flare from the knee to the hem, give the illusion of a narrow waist and hips. This added length is excellent for tall women, but also, with the right heels or heeled boots, it gives shorter, more petite women a taller stature. Choose a dark wash with a fade in the center of the leg that darkens on the outside thigh and leg area for the appearance of long, skinny legs and a small waist. Who said boot cut jeans don't have sex appeal?

3. Perfect for Curvy Body Types

Because boot cut jeans have a tapered and tailored thigh area and a wider leg, they offset more curvy body shapes. For example, women who are more well endowed will love the hourglass appearance boot cut jeans accentuate. The wider legs–not as wide as flares but more flared than skinny jeans–are flattering for women with larger chest areas as the hourglass illusion cinches the waist. Depending on the occasion, dark jeans are better suited to elongate and slim the leg and hip region.

4. Shoes, shoes, shoes!

You should know just by the name that boot cut jeans are designed to show off your favorite kicks. For shoe fanatics, boot cut jeans are an excellent choice for showing off everything from heeled boots to dainty high heels. Pair your favorite boot cut jeans with a pair of python boots. Unique textures and patterns peeking out from the hems of this style show off a fun and unusual look. There really are no rules when it comes to this style though, and it can be adapted to suit any environment. Baseball game? Perfect, throw on a T-shirt, a pair of boot cut jeans, and a pair of sneakers. Date night? Throw on a slim fit turtleneck with boot cut jeans, women's boots underneath and some fun earrings, and you're good to go. These jeans are versatile in all of the right ways.

5. Vintage Style

There's something about boot cut jeans that exude the '90s. When you're looking for a flared look without going full-blown ‘70s, boot cut jeans are the perfect compromise for a clean and casual look with minimal effort. Pair these jeans with a striped top and a hair ribbon for a vintage look. Not as edgy or rock star-esque as modern skinny jeans, the boot-leg cut has withstood numerous passing trends and fads, and continues to be an all-around, go-anywhere style with unlimited combinations. Go on, dare to be bold with fun accessories and vintage fabrics.


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