The Barn Coat: Why Every Man Needs One

The Barn Coat: Why Every Man Needs One

The very thought of a barn coat conjures images of enduring style and timeless appeal. Indeed, this key piece of men's outerwear is as rugged as a pair of work boots and as reliable as the beloved jeans you've worn for years. Barn coats pack a punch in their construction, which is what makes them so valuable to your wardrobe.

The Versatile Style

Nothing speaks to a man more than versatility. The greater the styling possibilities, the better chance a garment has of ending up in his wardrobe. It's quick, it's smart, and it's dependable to fill in when nothing else can do the job. Barn coats have the innate ability to work in almost every setting. That's key when your busy lifestyle finds you on a coffee date with someone special one weekend (just throw it on over your men's dress shirt, a work meeting in the morning, and an impromptu business dinner with clients later in the day before you grab some groceries on the way home. The barn coat is essentially a ubiquitous wonder—something so reliable and classic that it works well no matter what is on your agenda for the day.

The Dependable Details

As with all of the best winter coats, the best barn coats are equipped with thoughtful details that make them practical choices for cold-weather wear. Keep in mind that they're built to perform, so you can and should expect them to handle issues like rain and wind with ease. Look for fabrics that resist moisture and keep you dry even when things get a little messy out there. Standard barn coats also include a multitude of pockets to help you keep your essentials within easy reach at all times. The proper lining makes all the difference, too, especially when it's something cozy like flannel. The fabric can keep you toasty even when it starts getting unpleasantly frigid out there. Even closing mechanisms can set this outerwear apart from the rest: Look for sturdy, secure zippers coupled with buttons to provide you with aggressive protection from the cold.

The Inimitable Design

Perhaps what makes the barn coat so undeniably special is the fact that, despite its tough reputation and sturdy, no-fuss character, it's actually quite stylish. You'll find few coats that perform so well under such different conditions with such ease. Some attribute its creation to hunters, who sought something that was designed specifically for the rigors of their unique conditions and the amount of time they spent outside. In the end, the coat is simply a beloved basic that never fails, as much a stalwart as a great pair of men's jeans. You know you've got a great coat on your hands when it bears all of the identifying hallmarks of the traditional barn style: at least four roomy pockets, a highly durable and dependable fabric that stands up to the elements, and a soft lining that helps you stay warm. The difference is ultimately in its reliability. You may encounter snags and tears on other pieces of outerwear, but the odds of encountering a problem with a barn coat are slim to none. The garment is simply built to last, no matter what comes its way. There's comfort in owning a piece that you can pass down from one generation to the next, too. It's a beautiful way to create a connection and continue a tradition.

The Smart Construction

You may already be swayed by the fact that the barn coat looks great over your go-to men's sweater or flannel shirt. Maybe it's the fact that it has all of those pockets, or the idea that it could very well last forever, even if worn regularly. As you go about your day-to-day routine, however, what you'll appreciate most is the fact that it truly handles everything like a professional. You might almost consider the barn coat your traveling companion. Because it keeps you warm, you can more efficiently handle your outdoor tasks without sacrificing quality or worrying about your movements. Because it's so dependable, you know that it will be there for you constantly, without fail. And because it's such a workhorse, you can also trust it to handle the job no matter where you happen to be wearing it, be it in a snowy climate or in the middle of a sudden downpour on the farm or in the city.

Why Buy a Barn Jacket

You won't find a better option to complete your wardrobe than the enduring barn coat. It's an appropriate choice for every day—and everywhere—that neatly fulfills even the most discerning man's sartorial needs without sacrificing even a hint of style.


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