Which are the Warmest Jeans for Women?

Which are the Warmest Jeans for Women?

When the temperatures start dropping and the first cold autumn days arrive, you'll probably put away your summery clothes and start thinking about how you'll survive the months ahead. Jeans can keep you warm in the winter, but not every pair is up to the task of protecting you from the cold, so dress smart to survive until the sun returns and you can reach for your sandals again. Here are our favorite warm winter jeans for women.

Staying Snug in Skinnies

Clothes that fit close to the body trap heat and help keep you toasty. This goes for skinny jeans as well, but if yours are made from ultra-thin denim, they might not do a great job. Look for some made from thicker denim if staying warm is your top priority. You can also try wearing nylons under your skinnies, too. For even more coverage, skip the sneakers and ankle boots for a leather pair that reach to your knees – they'll look as good as they feel.

The Problem with Leggings

You might be wondering, are jeans or leggings warmer? Well, those thin legging jeans that you love wearing in the summer will probably leave you freezing cold in the winter. To avoid feeling like a popsicle, look for legging jeans (also known as "jeggings") that are made from high-tech fabric designed to combat the cold and wick away moisture in case you start perspiring once you're indoors. You can also try lined leggings or some made from fleece or wool. 

So, the long answer is, some jeans are warmer than leggings and some leggings are warmer than jeans. It really depends on the thickness and materials they are made from. Some try them both and see what works best for you.

Making Do in Boyfriend Jeans

With their relaxed fit, boyfriend jeans are always stylish. But in the winter, they might take you from cool to downright cold. Since they aren't skin tight, you can easily layer them, though. Wear those not-warm-enough leggings underneath and you'll find yourself feeling nice and cozy when the snow is falling. If your jeans have holes in them, let your favorite patterned leggings peek through.

Surviving in Straight Leg Jeans

The average pair of straight-leg jeans aren’t particularly warm, but thicker denim will feel nicer than something thin and lightweight. You can also try jeans lined with flannel, which are amazing on freezing, windy days when you can feel the cold in your bones. Just add a wool sweater and a turtleneck and you'll be ready for whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

Coping with Cropped Jeans

Unless you live somewhere with mild winters, cropped jeans won't cut it in January and February. Put them away to avoid frostbitten ankles, or wear them with tall boots that don't leave any skin exposed and some thick wool socks if you can. Always make sure the denim is weighty enough to guard against the frosty air.

Braving Winter in a Boot Cut

Look for boot-cut jeans that have a slim fit to hold in body heat. Since they flare around the ankle, make sure to wear them with warm socks (try a pair in cashmere that reach to your knees for a little luxury) and some sturdy boots that shield your ankles – the more of you that's covered, the better. Also, skip the low-rise cuts and go for something with a high waist to protect your midriff from the cold and heat up your core. Also, make sure to avoid any puddles and snow, in these jeans. The pant legs sometimes drag on the ground and soak water up like a sponge. This will make your cold conundrum much worse.

Completing Your Outfit

Staying cozy doesn't stop with your warm jeans for winter – add a few other smart pieces to your outfit if you want to survive winter without chattering teeth and numb fingers. Get a long coat that goes down to your thighs (if not further) and wear lined boots that are made for winter weather. A hat, scarf, and gloves will help, too. And a longer shirt, like a wool sweater that falls over your derriere, will feel amazing when the snow is falling – you can even wear a t-shirt or turtleneck underneath if needed.

As mentioned above, you can wear nylons under your jeans. However, some people don’t love the feel of nylons. So, considering buying a bit baggier pair of jeans and layering under them. A pair of thick leggings or even long underwear can help keep you warmer. You can also opt for warmer socks. Thicker material or knee-high socks might be your new best friend. 

If you’ve tried everything, and you’re still not feeling toasty in your jeans, you can also put hand warmers in your pockets and boots. In addition, keep in mind that it’s often it’s the frigid winter wind that can make you feel absolutely chilled to the bone. So, find ways to minimize exposure to wind, and that will help too.

Overall, there are many kinds of jeans that will help you stay warmer in the winter. You just might need to buy a few different pairs if your summer jeans are too tight for layering or they’re not made from thick denim. If all else fails, you can always look into fleece-lined leggings or another alternative, if you still find you’re not staying warm enough.


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