What Tops to Pair With Wide-Leg Jeans

What Tops to Pair With Wide-Leg Jeans

Integrating wide-leg jeans into your outfits will expand your horizons. This comfortable pant style is flattering and easy to wear with a variety of tops. If it’s your first time wearing wide-leg jeans, the loose silhouette can feel intimidating. However, you can look stylish and feel comfortable when you pick the right tops.

Wide-leg jeans look good on all body types and can become your next favorite bottom to wear around the year. What tops look the best with wide-leg jeans? This guide will show you how to match this type of women’s jeans so that you feel stylish every time you wear them.

Jeans for Every Body Type

If you’re looking for jeans that will flatter your body, then you’ll love wide-leg jeans. These pants look great on all body types from petite to tall and regular to plus sizes. It’s effortlessly fashionable and easy to match with many of your favorite tops. It’s suitable for the office and weekend lounging. Because wide-leg jeans aren’t binding, you will also feel like you’re wearing a pair of women’s pajama pants even though you’re dressed to go out.

Wide-leg jeans are universally flattering because most are fitted at the natural waist and create a smooth and taller silhouette. They have a similar lengthening effect to traditional high-waist pants. This fit makes it easy to tuck in shirts to create a shapely figure, yet it also matches well with loose crop tops and sweaters.

The Easiest Match: Basic Fitted Tops

Whenever you build an outfit, it’s important to create the silhouette that you want. Fitted basic tops are the easiest items to pair with wide-leg jeans because they contrast with the loose cut of the pants. While it’s possible to still fit two loose separates together, it’s easier to define your shape with a fitted top. Something basic like women’s T-shirts come in relaxed and fitted styles. Simply tuck the shirt into the waist and you can have a stylish and casual look for a variety of occasions. This pairing is especially comfortable in the late spring and even summer. Pick a cooling material like twill or linen that can absorb sweat and keep your skin breathing. Tank tops and fitted blouses also make an excellent combination for warm-weather looks with wide-leg pants.

Dark and Dressy: Blouses and Jeans

Wide-leg jeans also follow the same rule that applies to other jean styles. The darker the wash, the more formal it looks. When you wear dark wide-leg jeans, it is possible to integrate them into your business casual wardrobe. For example, women’s blouses can be tucked into the waist and be fastened with a belt for a chic and professional look.

When the weather cools, just throw a blazer or a women’s cardigan sweater over your top for some extra warmth. This makes it simple to extend your best-loved office tops into colder seasons while looking good at the same time.

Don’t Shy From Loose Tops

Though fitted shirts and blouses are the easiest matches with wide-leg jeans, you can also make some stunning looks with loose tops. Some people prefer to wear loose crop tops with wide-leg jeans. The short length of a crop top shows off a hint of the waist while not interfering with the lengthening effect of the pants’ high waist.

You may also select a longer top to flow just below the natural waist for a relaxing and comfortable fit. For some extra shape, you can wear a belt over a long tunic and wide legs for a dressy and sophisticated outfit. Overall, you’ll be surprised at how attractive and fun it is to wear two loose items. It feels like wearing your favorite cozy sweats, but you look fabulous and on trend.

Turtleneck Sweaters and Wide-Leg Jeans

Wearing a turtleneck sweater with wide-leg jeans is one of the most iconic winter and fall looks. You can wear this outfit alone in sweater weather or throw on a down coat when the weather gets chilly. However, no matter how you wear it, the fitted nature of turtlenecks makes it easy to tuck into wide-leg pants. Then just put on a belt to achieve a fashionable and professional look. Pick a turtleneck with interesting patterns like cable knit or ribbed for extra texture variation and variety in your wardrobe. To get more height to your outfit, wear some high-heeled boots or pumps to make your legs look even longer.

When you wear these best-loved tops that go with wide-leg jeans, you can create stunning outfits that are suitable for home, work, and casual outings.


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