Different Sandal Styles for Different Outfits

Different Sandal Styles for Different Outfits

Sandals make the perfect companion to a wide range of spring and summer outfits. Get the perfect look for every outfit, from a party-ready style to casual everyday pieces with popular women's sandals styles.

Pretty Espadrilles

Espadrilles have a pretty vibe that perfectly matches the spring season. They look wonderful paired with a variety of outfits, including skirts and women’s dresses of all lengths. They can also work with some shorts or pants, such as high-waisted looks, wide-leg trousers, or slightly dressy versions, when worn with a dressy top. Dressy jumpsuits are another great option to pair with this type of sandal.

Trendy Gladiator and Cut-Out Sandals

Gladiator and cut-out sandals have a fresh, trendy look that’s perfect when you want to add that extra splash to your spring outfit. Pair them with short, mid-length, or long skirts or dresses for a cool look. They can also work well with shorts and capri pants. Because these sandals are meant to be seen, it’s best to wear a different style with long pants or jeans.

Casual Thong (Flip-Flop) Sandals

Casual here can be subjective – there are dozens of styles when it comes to thong (also known as flip-flop) sandals, from comfortable sport versions to those with a laid-back beach vibe to bejeweled styles with tons of bling. The key is to pair the thong sandal with an outfit that goes with the look you want to create – so sporty sandals with sporty thongs, super casual ones with denim cut-offs and tees, and glitzy versions with those cute and casual cotton sundresses.

Flat Strappy Sandals

Flat strappy sandals are the ideal combination of style and comfort. The strappy design makes them look elegant and dressy, perfect for pairing with your favorite spring and summer skirts and dresses. You can easily partner them with denim slacks, women’s shorts, and capris. (Oh – and don’t forget how comfortable they’ll be since they’re flat!)

Elegant High-Heeled Sandals

High-heeled sandals are the belle of the ball when it comes to spring sandals. These dressy shoes are elegant and lovely, perfect for pairing with anything from a cute spring cocktail dress to a sophisticated bridesmaid’s dress. Like many other sandal styles, high-heeled versions can vary widely in their overall look and design. While by nature they are more dressy than say a flat sandal or thong, the specific look will still dictate how they are worn. You can’t go wrong with a classic nude sandal with a simple open-toe design and a high-heel. Though if you are attending an event where you can have some more creativity with your footwear, you can opt for bright colors, splashy designs, and embellishments.

Simple Slide Sandals

Slide sandals are essential for many women, and for good reason. These styles are easy to slip on, a breeze to clean, comfortable, and allow your feet to breathe. These classic styles work well with casual shorts, denim, women’s summer shirts, tank-tops, swimwear, and beachwear of all kinds. Some slide styles can be a bit more dressed up, with buckles or other embellishments. If you are wearing them as casual shoes, you can pair them with casual dresses or jumpsuits.

Classy Closed-Toe Sandals

When you are attending a spring get together or event that calls for a classy sandal, a closed-toe version might be your best option. These styles still allow for the airy beauty of a spring sandal but cover the toes so they have a more formal and sophisticated look. These are usually done in a pointed-toe style and a sling-back or open heel. They pair well with dressy slacks, jumpsuits, skirts, and dresses.

Sweet Lace-Up Sandals

Similar to gladiator sandals, lace-up sandals are meant to be seen, so it makes sense to wear them with midi skirts, dresses, and shorts. These have a boho-chic vibe that makes them a good choice for cute-and-casual, flirty, and feminine outfits. These come in heeled and flat versions.

Dramatic Platform Sandals

If you’re looking for spring or summer footwear that makes a splash, platform sandals will do it. These bold choices are a statement piece that will make the focal point of your outfit. They work well paired with vintage styles, denim, wide-legged trousers, and skirts.

Gorgeous Sandals for Spring and Summer

Spring and summer sandals come in a plethora of different materials, from genuine leather to synthetic blends to unique fabrics. They also come with a wide variety of embellishments, from fun patterns on sporty sandals to elegant jeweled designs on dressy heeled sandals. Pair your favorites with the right pieces, and you’ll look stunning from the start of spring to the end of summer.


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