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We’re heading into wedding season! It’s a joyful time of year, and it means you need a great wedding gift idea (or three!). Wedding gifts are always fun to select, once you decide what you want to get for the happy couple. At Lands’ End, we generally suggest monogrammed wedding gifts, whether they sport the couple’s new joint monogram or you choose a his-and-hers gift. Monograms show thought, celebrate the coming together of a new little family, and are practical luxury that everyone can appreciate.

If you’re attending a wedding personalized gifts are always thoughtful. You might consider monogrammed bath towels for young couples just starting out—so luxurious after the thin, worn towels most of us had in college! A more established couple may appreciate monogrammed bedding! Sheets and blankets sporting a new, shared initial are a meaningful but practical way to mark a new epoch in a relationship. These may be an old-fashioned wedding gift idea, but they are no less useful, thoughtful or beautiful for being traditional.

New couples no longer share the same name by default, so what might you do if presenting monogrammed wedding gifts is important to you but you want to show respect for the couple’s choice in naming conventions? That’s easy! His-and-hers wedding gifts make personal wedding gifts simple to give. Matching monogrammed slippers or matching monogrammed beach towels adhere to the beloved tradition of wedding personalized gifts in a way that makes sense for modern couples!

Shop Lands’ End to find wedding gifts you’ll be proud to present, whether you are looking for utterly traditional monogrammed wedding gifts or simply personal wedding gifts for the more modern couple. We have what you want to give and they will be thrilled to receive! Shop our beautiful collection of wedding gifts at Lands’ End!

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