What is Down Insulation and Where Does it Come From?

What is down insulation and where does it come from?

Do you love the warm feeling of a high quality down coat on cold winter days? Does your evening feel coziest when snuggled under a beautiful ethical down comforter? We couldn’t agree more. However, if you’ve ever found yourself wondering exactly what down is, what ethical down is and where down actually comes from, you’re not alone. We have the answers to the most commonly asked questions about down insulation and eco friendly ethically sourced down insulation.

What is down?

Down is a layer of fine feathers found under birds’ exterior feathers. This layer of soft down feathers lacks the interlocking barbules that the birds’ exterior feathers have, making down naturally fluffy and lightweight. It provides a warm layer of thermal insulation and even a bit of padding, too. Typically, down is located on the underside of waterfowls’ belly, which allows them to stay warm even while paddling through cold water.

How is ethically sourced down harvested?

Instead of harvesting from live birds, Lands’ End believes in the importance of using only ethically sourced down. So as not to waste any of the resources provided by the bird, ethically sourced down is harvested only after the bird’s time on this world has come to an end. Our commitment to ethically sourced down is a great example of our current sustainability efforts. When designing our products, we use only the highest quality responsibly sourced down available. The down we harvest is turned into the high quality insulation used in our outerwear and bedding. Lands’ End is committed to doing better for our environment, one step at a time. Together with each and every supplier in our chain, we’re working to minimize our impact on the earth. This is an ongoing priority for Lands’ End.

Has Lands’ End made a commitment to ethically sourced down?

Yes, Lands’ End has made a commitment to ethically sourced down. Lands’ End does not use, purchase, or source live plucked down. We value sustainability in fashion and consider live plucking to be a barbaric practice that is completely out of line with our company’s core values. As an industry leader taking additional steps toward fashion sustainability, we have worked tirelessly to operate with a zero tolerance policy to ensure our suppliers, vendors and all involved parties within our supply chain adhere to the highest standards of compliance and ethics. We are committed to producing eco friendly products without sacrificing quality, which is why we value our responsible, trustworthy, and ethical supply chain that includes the use of 100% Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certified down. It’s the highest quality responsibly sourced down available. We vigorously investigate and ultimately suspend any supplier that does not live up to our high standards of fashion sustainability. That’s why we’re so proud to partner with Allied Down. For over thirty years, Allied Down has provided the highest quality down while maintaining a commitment to humane and environmentally conscious business practices to produce affordable eco friendly clothes. Allied submits to third-party testing to ensure its ethical down is high quality and humanely sourced. Allied Down also uses recycled water, relies on renewable energy, and avoids harmful chemicals. In fact, we’re so confident in Allied Down’s quality, we include a QR code on our ethical down jackets. Simply scanning the QR code with a smartphone allows you to track the source of the down that is insulating your new coat.

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