What a Bralette is and Why You Need It

What is a Bralette And Why You Need It

As women, we all come in different shapes and sizes, so it’s no wonder that bras strive to complement those differences while continuing to help us feel supported, secure, and confident. Yes, in fact, a new type of bra called the “bralette” has made a grand entrance into our lives with its flirty, playful style, and we’re totally here for it. Whether you work from home or work in an office, wearing an uncomfortable bra can throw off your whole day. If you have ever been a victim of constraining bra straps or disrespectful underwire bra jabs, you definitely need to consider adding bralettes to your undergarment collection.

Bralettes deliver the lift and support you’re seeking while saving you from unrelenting underwire bra drama. Crafted out of firmer, fitting materials, bralettes are styled to accommodate various breast sizes while offering a natural silhouette underneath a selection of clothing types. If you haven’t heard of a bralette or have never given any thought to trying one, hopefully, by now, your interest has been piqued. With comfort culture on the rise by women for women, now is a great time to understand the benefits of bralettes.

What is a Bralette?

Okay, before we delve into the world of bralettes, let’s take a quick moment to give a rundown on bras. Oh yes, our most beloved and sometimes annoying undergarment essential, the bra. In a nutshell, bras are worn to support the bust. They come in various padding styles, underwires, and straps and are crafted from various fabrics, including spandex, cotton, satin mesh…the list goes on. Basically, bras have various purposes and functions; the style, look, feel, and features depend on the type of bra, like a sports bra, strapless bra, nursing bra, pushup bra, etc.

Now let’s move on to bralettes. Essentially, a bralette contains no underwires or clasp and comes in different style cuts, but the most common is a triangle cup design. What makes them a game-changer in bras is their unique ability to function as a fashion staple to wardrobes. Bralettes come in a variety of materials, such as microfiber, mesh, lace, and even silk. They add razzle and dazzle to humdrum undergarments, come in various styles, and boast dynamic details, like unique embroidery, fun designs, and out-of-this-world colors that turn up any outfit's volume day or night. If your style is less boisterous than others, no worries. Bralettes offer a low-key, comfortable, cool vibe; and there are plenty of styles to choose from too!

The Purpose of a Bralette

So, you want to know the truth about the bralette's purpose? Believe it or not, there are only two main ones: to look fashionably cute and to feel amazing, day or night! You read that right; shape, support, and lift are not the primary reasons to purchase a bralette. Many women choose bralettes simply because they are a comfortable option. So, whether you’re looking for a no-hassle bralette to assist you while you’re nursing or want something free and light during high heat months, there is a bralette with your name on it.

How Are You Supposed to Wear Bralettes?

There is honestly only one socially acceptable way to wear a regular bra, and that’s underneath clothing. However, bralettes were made to break those traditional rules. Here are a few ways that you can incorporate a bralette into your daily outfits for day or evening activities.

Play Peek-A-Boo with a Low-Back Sweater

Try this playful peek-a-boo look by wearing your favorite cozy sweater or T-shirt and high-rise jeans that shows off small, appropriate details of your bralette while still delivering a fun and comfortable look.

Under A T-shirt or Camisole

Looking for a way to dress up your casual tops? One of the most common ways women choose to wear bralettes is under a favorite T-shirt. You’ll absolutely love the feel of wearing a comfortable, flattering V-neck and supporting the look with a flirty bralette; it's great for running errands around town.

Wear Your Bralette Under a Favorite Button-Down

If you desire a less edgy look for your outfits, try a favorite button-down that fits a bit loosely and add a black bralette underneath for contrast. Try coordinating a pair of skinny jeans and a fun pair of heels and enjoy!

Benefits of Bralettes

The bralette is the perfect solution to adding details to wardrobes like shirt dresses. Depending on your needs and wants, certain factors must be addressed when choosing the bralette that speaks to you. If you’re still on the fence about bralettes, check out our list of incredible benefits.

Let’s Talk Comfort

One of the biggest reasons people opt for a bralette in the first place is to experience its soft comfort against their skin. Typically, bralettes are wire-free, which rules out any pinching or digging of the skin. Imagine wearing a super-cute flannel blouse, only to spend have the time readjusting an uncomfortable bra. Additionally, these soft beauties are absent from inner cups or stiff materials.

Next Up, Style

Yes, of course, it’s good to be practical, but practical doesn’t mean boring. You don’t have to show your bralette to the world to look and feel amazing. Go ahead, add fun colors, lace, and other trim details to highlight your personality. Bralettes come in a variety of styles and colors that are sure to speak your wardrobe's language.

Plenty of Coverage

Just because underwire and inner cups are missing from these undergarments, it doesn’t mean you are missing out on coverage. Bralettes can complement your look when wearing a cozy sweater, camisole, or fun women's tank top.


In hotter climates, a more traditional bra can be unbearable, especially when the material is thicker. On the other hand, a light and airy bralette delivers breathable comfort throughout the day. If you live in a colder climate where thermal underwear is essential but doesn’t always speak to your style, there is a bralette with your desire in mind.

Pregnancy and Nursing

Hormones are all over the place during pregnancy, and your bust size is no exception. Bralettes are equipped with plenty of stretches and are void of underwires, allowing you to accommodate your ever-changing breast size. If you’re nursing, you can easily pull down nursing bralettes at feeding times or pumping times.

Are Bralettes Good For Large Breasts?

Bralettes are great for any breast size. However, if you do have a larger bust size, there are a few things you should be mindful of when selecting a bralette.

Double Lining is Your Friend

Because bralettes are typically designed without underwires, support will always be a top priority for individuals wearing anything over a C cup. To improvise, search for bralettes that have a lightly padded or double-lined cup. The added structure will give you the support you need while still having the fun look and feel you’re after.

Choose Full-Coverage Options

If you have a larger bust, you’ll have to go down on flirty and up on coverage. If you’re shopping for a D+ cup, opt for a full-coverage style, with cups and underarm areas that have seams. These added touches to the bralette structure will ensure better support and prevent your bust from spilling out. Also, these simple touches will highlight your shape and profile, especially when you’re wearing your favorite-fitted top.

Look For Wider Straps

Thin straps add a dainty appeal to bralettes for sure, but straps need to be the main source of your support when you have a larger bust. Look out for wide straps or built-up apexes to evenly distribute the weight of your bust.

Try Longline Styles

These beauties are known for staying in place throughout the day. Soft cups, while extremely comfortable, move around a lot more freely and won’t give you the support you desire with a larger bust. Also, make sure your bralette has a deep under-band that wraps around the body for confident support.

Bra vs. Bralette: A Compairson

Now that you know what bralettes are, what can be worn with them, and who can use them, let’s go over a quick comparison of bras and bralettes. Keep in mind that there will be days when bralettes win and other days when bras will win. Be sure to select the right undergarment that meets your functionality needs. While both bras and bralettes have their place in your underwear drawer, your day-to-day preference will depend on a lot of different factors.

Working out in your home gym or taking a quick jog around the neighborhood? A racerback bralette is a perfect solution to keep you comfortable and secure. Looking for something cozy yet cute to wear under your shirt dress or flirty top for a romantic evening? You can’t go wrong with a lace bralette. The design options for bralettes are endless. So, whether you want a simple bralette that delivers comfort and softness or a bralette that demands attention and gives life to your wardrobe, there is one that speaks your language and fits your body perfectly.

Bralettes offer everything women love in their undergarments-comfort, cuteness, and confidence. They can be worn for special outfits and occasions or when you want to try something different with your wardrobe. No matter the reason, bralettes allow you to elevate your wardrobe. With their unique designs, colors, and versatility, these beauties are not a fly-by-night trend; they’re here to stay!


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