Different Cute and Smart Ways to Wear a Flannel

Different Casual and Smart Ways to Wear a Flannel

Men's flannel shirts are synonymous with durability, warmth. and comfort. They simply have this timeless appeal that seems always to be in style. Sure, they may have had their best decade in the ‘90s when grunge was all the rage, but do you remember a time when it wasn't okay to wear flannel? Neither do we. That's because flannel shirts are so well-loved that maybe we simply don't want them to go out of style. As a result, people are styling flannel shirts in a variety of ways so that they're always on-trend. Out of ideas? Here are our favorite ways to wear a flannel shirt, whether you're in search of a casual look or a smart look.

Casual vs. Smart: What's the Difference Exactly?

Not many people realize that you can make flannel work for you in a 'smart' way or in a somewhat more proper way. You can even ace a job interview wearing a flannel shirt! Picture a solid flannel shirt with a tie under a nice blazer. You just need to realize that there's a difference between the worn-in plaid flannel you wear every weekend and the more proper, crisp, unbrushed flannel in a solid color.

What you wear with it and how you wear it are also important when it comes to achieving that smart look. For example, you won't look very smart showing up for a job interview with baggy grey sweatpants, even with a clean, crisp solid flannel shirt tucked in! Yet, tuck it into some black jeans with a belt, and you're golden. Of course, flannel is forgiving, and there are lots of ways to wear flannel to achieve that casual look, smart look, or a little bit of both.

With Loafers

Take a flannel shirt from casual to smart with a polished pair of leather loafers. The look is the perfect balance between smart and casual. Even with men's jeans, loafers that look brand-new take a flannel shirt to the next level.

Layer It Over a T-Shirt

Some people's idea of casual is a stained white T-shirt with holes in it. For others, it might be a worn-out T-shirt from a favorite concert 20 years ago. A flannel allows you to wear those well-loved shirts underneath, where nobody can see and judge your hygiene or musical tastes.

Tucked In

This may be obvious, but don't leave your flannel shirt untucked if you're trying to impress someone important. Tuck it into a nice pair of jeans with a belt. If that's not the look for you, unbutton it and leave it untucked over a solid T-shirt, but make sure you at least tuck in the T-shirt.

Matched with Corduroy Pants

Wearing a flannel button-down with men's corduroy pants is a little less casual than wearing it with a standard pair of jeans. It also adds a little something unique to the look. Just be sure to do this during cold-weather months, as you'll attract the wrong type of attention wearing corduroy pants in the middle of August.

Worn Under a Blazer: Smart

Adding a blazer over any shirt says that you're at least trying to dress for success, but it doesn't always have the intended effect. Sometimes it can look like you're actually trying too hard. That's why sometimes a flannel, even a plaid one, works better under a blazer than a traditional dress shirt. It gives that perfect balance, especially with a wool blazer.

Under a Sweater

If you want to make a flannel look smart under a sweater, it won't be difficult. Like beer and pizza, they make a great match. However, you have to pay special attention to the collar. Make sure it is sturdy and is either buttoned all the way to the top or has only one button undone. You can also pair it with a men's cardigan sweater as long as you tuck it into your pants and wear a belt.


If you're aiming for a little personality to shine through when out on the town in your flannel shirt, don't be afraid to wear your favorite accessories. That means chains, leather cuffs, watches, chained wallets, etc. The key is to make flannel adapt to your lifestyle; you do whatever makes you comfortable.


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