5 Types of Jeans You Can Live in All Winter Long

5 Types of Jeans You Can Live in All Winter Long

Winter calls for some serious layers, but when the cold creeps in, one thing is for certain: denim jeans are sure to keep the chills at bay. Whether you're looking for a stylish pair of women's jeans to complement your new heeled boots for an upscale holiday party or just looking for an extra layer to slip your snow boots over, denim is a hardy fabric that locks in warmth and withstands the elements. For any occasion, and for any winter climate, we've picked five pairs of jeans that you can rock all winter long.

When choosing denim for the winter, there's a lot to consider between the elements and your activities. If you're planning on braving the snow and cold outdoors, you may opt for a style of denim that is more forgiving to stains and dirt and that is easily layered under thick, warm winter coats and boots. But for city living, where you'll be darting in and out of shops and restaurants only to strip down once in the protection of heat, you may be looking for a pair of jeans that look great with a nice pair of boots but also can hold up against frigid temperatures. We've taken into account everything that goes into choosing the perfect winter wardrobe and narrowed it down for you. Here are the five types of jeans you can live in all winter long.

1. Boot Cut Jeans

Somewhere along the line, boot cut jeans got a bad reputation, but now they're back in all of their glory, and in our opinion, they are the ultimate, most versatile denim cut there is. Boot cut jeans are the best fit for the winter as they can easily transition to suit any situation or occasion. Dress these jeans up with heeled boots for a classier look if you are out for the day shopping or celebrating the holidays at a work party, or dress these jeans down with a pair of boots or sneakers if you're running errands and need an added layer against the brisk outdoors. Boot cut jeans are fitted in the thigh and hip area but widen toward the hem, making them a great option if you are layering a heavy jacket and want to balance your lower and top half.

2. Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans really can be worn all year round. Wear them in lighter shades during the summer and pair them with lightweight and breezy cotton shirts, or choose a pair of women's black jeans and slip the thin, tapered legs into high boots with a thick cable knit sweater during the winter. Once more, skinny jeans can be dressed up with heels or paired with sneakers for a more casual feel. Turn the cuffs up to show off your ankles or special shoes. Skinny jeans are also great for layering. Wear a long coat and booties with a pair of skinny jeans, and you instantly have a sleek and city-ready style. We recommend avoiding light colors during the winter months to prevent visible stains or dirt.

3. Mid-Rise Jeans

Mid-rise jeans are the perfect cut for winter time as they don't show too much skin, and you can count on your mid-drift staying covered when bending down or moving around. Mid-rise jeans continuously look tailored and put together as they are not overly casual like low-rise jeans, but not as trendy or statement-making as high-waisted denim. Mid-rise jeans are a conservative option for jeans that can still be worn with any type of top, and the higher waistline, which falls just below your natural waist, cinches your midriff, giving the illusion of a smaller waist, perfect for layering during the winter. Mid-rise jeans come in all different styles, and you can find this cut in boot cut, skinny, and straight-leg jeans.

4. High-Waist Jeans

High-waist jeans are ultra-vintage and make figures look shapely, while not revealing too much. The higher waist cinches the body and gives the illusion of ultra-feminine body shape, while the legs appear longer and slimmer, a perfect pair! High-waist jeans work perfectly for the winter as the higher waist makes it fun to tuck different shirts into the top of the pants and showcase a more vintage style. Available in all different colors and styles, we recommend pairing high waist jeans in a cut like boot leg or flare with a tucked-in turtleneck. Throw in a hair ribbon and chunky heeled boots, and you have an extra trendy style reminiscent of the '70s. Winter chic.

5. Jeggings

When the temperature really drops and those beautiful mounds of white fluff coat the ground, you can do two things: run outside and build a snowman with the kids, or snuggle up by the fire with a thick sweater and a cup of hot cocoa. Good news: jeggings can go anywhere, in any situation, and they are ultra-soft, comfy, cozy and still have the appearance of denim. Soft to the touch, you can snuggle up on the sofa in a pair of jeggings, or you can throw a pair on with extra layers like a winter coat and fleece, slip the tight-fitting legs into a pair of snow boots, and head outside for some snow day action. Either way, jeggings are a must-have for your winter closet and can take you from quiet days into rowdy snowball fights outside.


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