A Guide to Choosing Trendy, Modest Clothes

A Guide to Choosing Trendy, Modest Clothes

Just because you may prefer to wear modest clothing doesn’t mean you can’t find flattering and stylish pieces that also happen to be right on trend. This hasn’t always been the case. In the past, most pieces providing full coverage sacrificed a touch of fashion in the process. Today, however, less revealing clothes can be just as chic as their counterparts. So what’s the secret to finding modest dresses, skirts, and other pieces that are truly trendy?

It’s all about the style — and finding silhouettes that flatter your figure at the same time. It may seem like a challenging proposition, but today there are so many easy ways to create fresh, appropriate looks that help you look and feel your best without sacrificing your desire to keep things more unassuming. Here are a few tips to help you make the right styling choices.

Rock a Long Skirt

Maxi dresses and skirts have long enjoyed popularity for their carefree silhouette and year-round comfort. They provide sufficient coverage, yet still help you stay as cool and comfortable as possible during the warmest months of the year. You can even wear them when it’s cooler outside thanks to the added length. Modest doesn’t always have to mean long, however. Even a mid-length skirt is a great contender for your wardrobe if you want the added coverage but don’t mind revealing just a little bit of skin.

How to give it a trendy spin? Choose a midi skirt with a high waist and pair it with a fitted top. The two pieces balance one another well, especially when you opt for a skirt with a little bit of volume to it. You might try a fit-and-flare variety to channel a hint of vintage appeal, for example. Tuck an easy t-shirt into the waist, step into a pair of wedges or ballet flats, and you’ll be ready to handle the day in casual style and endless comfort.

Add One Edgy Layer

You might not associate traditionally edgy pieces with conventionally modest garments. The two don’t necessarily go hand in hand, but there’s no reason why you can’t mix and match sensibilities to create fun and inventive looks that bring your wardrobe to life. A cropped motorcycle jacket, for example, provides all the coverage that you desire while adding something unexpected to your outfit. They look perfect over petite, regular, and tall maxi dresses alike, especially if you want to cover up your arms when your dress is sleeveless.

Or try your cropped jacket over a long sleeve top and leggings. The different proportions convey an interesting look and won’t overwhelm your frame. Plus, mixing lengths allows the jacket to shine on its own. That’s key if one of your primary goals is to balance your modest pieces with something trendy.

Dress Up Your Sweater

Sweaters of all kinds are essential to any well-rounded wardrobe. They’re perfect when you’re dressing modestly because they provide optimal coverage. There are dozens of creative tips to style them in fresh and trendy ways. You can pair leggings with a long and lean women’s cardigan sweater and belt it for a sleeker and more refined look.

Another option? Try a chunky sweater with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans for a balanced look. Thick materials balance the slender bottoms perfectly. Or try a cropped sweater in a solid color over a vibrant flannel shirt peeking out from underneath. Pair them with your favorite jeans and boots for a full-coverage, comfortable look that’s also highly modest and follows the current trends.

Pair Tunics and Leggings

Tunics and leggings are just made for one another. The balance between the length and substance of the top coupled with the sleeker legging silhouette is perfect. There are many ways to wear them. Try a lengthy tunic with your favorite pair of stretchy bottoms and pull on a pair of knee-high boots. Wrap a scarf around your neck to complete the look. A pair of sporty canvas shoes serves as a practical alternative to the boots on a warmer day.

Look for tunics with bejeweled necklines, too; they instantly elevate your look by adding a flashy finishing touch. During the cooler months, swap the lighter and airier tops for flannel tunic tops — they resonate perfectly with the season, add a layer of essential warmth to your closet, and look great with everything from standard black leggings to jeggings. A pair of booties or slip-on shoes finishes this outfit perfectly.

By now you know how important it is to find clothes that you feel most comfortable in throughout the day. Why sacrifice one for the other when you’re interested in sticking with the trends while dressing with modesty in mind? These outfit suggestions will help you look and feel your very best.


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