Traveling in Jeans: Should You Do It?

Traveling in Jeans: Should You Do It?

Traveling in jeans. Can you do it? Should you do it? Will you hate yourself for it later? The answer to these questions is annoyingly complex because, truthfully, it depends. It depends on a multitude of factors, including the logistics of the travel as well as the type of women's jeans. So, if you have a trip coming up and you're on the fence about whether or not to bring jeans along (and even wear them on the plane/train/automobile), first make sure you've asked yourself these questions.

What Do You Mean By Traveling?

This is the most important question to address and clear up first. Do you mean traveling as in dining out at a fabulous seaside restaurant in Santorini just as the sun is setting over the Mediterranean? Or do you mean the other part of traveling, as in taking an 11-hour flight to get to Santorini? If the latter, you may not want to wear your tightest skinny jeans on the plane, since that will get uncomfortable pretty quickly. When it comes to the transportation aspect of traveling–like taking a long-haul flight, sitting in the car for several hours, or even riding a train cross-country–you would probably rather wear loose-fitting linen pants or leggings.

What Kind of Jean Is It?

Traveling for several hours in tight skinny jeans? As we mentioned before, ouch. However, there are some exceptions. Jeggings are appropriate for long-haul flights. They provide the comfort of leggings while exuding the style of jeans. Another comfortable jean option is something loose-fitting, like boyfriend jeans. The style, fit, and material of the jeans in question should influence your decision about wearing jeans. If you've been able to comfortably lounge around the house all day in a particular pair of jeans, you might be able to enjoy the same comfort they provide if you're traveling all day.

What Kind of Traveling Will You Be Doing?

Are you driving three hours upstate for a weekend getaway? Okay then. A car ride in jeans might not be so bad. Or are you taking a 12-hour flight followed by a six-hour layover followed by a seven-hour flight to get to Bali? That's another story. The details of your travel should inform the choice you make about whether or not to wear jeans. For long-haul travel, opt for a different kind of pants and keep your favorite jeans packed in your suitcase to wear when you reach your destination. If you're just taking a short car ride to a nearby locale, traveling in jeans is an option worth considering.

What Things Will You Be Doing on Your Trip?

Will you be doing a lot of rugged outdoor activities like offroading on rough terrain and hiking through national forests? Jeans may actually be appropriate in these situations, provided you're not worried about said jeans getting a bit dirty. Are you heading to a tropical island where you plan to sun yourself for hours on end? Jeans probably won't be needed. Where you go and what you do should be taken into consideration when deciding if you will be wearing or packing jeans.

Do You Prefer Packing Light?

Some people like to travel with lots of luggage to have a plethora of different outfits to piece together. Some people want to travel with nothing more than a backpack or weekend bag. Some people will travel around the globe for six months, while others just want to get away for a few days. Your personal preferences and travel style matter when you're trying to figure out if you'll be wearing jeans on the trip. If you are going to New England in the fall to pick apples in an orchard and sip wine on the back porch of a cabin by the lake, then a pair of relaxed-fit jeans are a must. Jeans on a fall getaway are as ionic and necessary as a warm oversized sweater.

Keep These Things In Mind

There are pros and cons to wearing women's jeans when traveling. Pros include comfort, style, durability, versatility, and functionality. As far as cons go, jeans (can be) oversized and bulky, making them difficult to pack into your suitcase, especially if you are trying to travel light. They are also usually heavier than other kinds of pants, meaning that if you are going to a warm climate you will get hot in them quite quickly and if you get caught in the rain, the water will soak the jeans and make them even heavier.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong decision when it comes to wearing jeans on your travels. The choice is up to you after considering the variety of unique factors regarding your trip.


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