Top 4 Ways to Cuff Your Pant Legs

Top 4 Ways to Cuff Your Pant Legs

So you've bought a pair of jeans that fits you in all the right places, but the pant legs are just a little too long. If you don't have the time to take them to the tailor or fix them yourself, you can save some time and money by cuffing them. Cuffing your jeans is also a great way to change up your style without going to the store. This styling method allows you to show off your high-top sneakers, sandals, and short boots. Here are the top four ways to cuff your pant legs.

Denim Cuffing Tips

If you want to cuff jeans to a length that fits like a standard pair of jeans, then make sure your inseam length is between one and two inches longer than your normal inseam. If you want to turn your pants into capris, then you don't need to follow this rule. It is also easier to cuff straight-leg jeans or tapered leg pants than boot-cut, wide-leg, or skinny jeans.

The thickness of your denim can also affect how stable your cuffing will be. If the material is too thin, it will act more like knit cotton and be more likely to unfold. Thicker fabrics may not be able to roll over more than once, but they are less likely to come undone.

1: The Basic Roll

The simplest cuffing method is pretty straightforward. Just turn up the bottom of each pant leg by half-inch increments until you achieve the desired length. It is done in a matter of seconds and looks good with any type of shoe. The basic roll is effective with denim of different thicknesses and works especially well with straight-leg, tapered, or relaxed-fit jeans. You can leave the cuff messy, or smooth it out for a more polished look. Iron the cuff to make a more permanent and flat appearance.

2: For Heavy Denim: The Single Roll

When your denim is extra-heavy, you don't need multiple rolls to secure the cuff. To create this easy cuff, take hold of the bottom of the pant leg, and fold it up once to reach up to 5 inches in height. Smooth out the cuff to finish the job.

This look is best achieved with straight-leg or relaxed-fit jeans. It can also work with heavy canvas pants. The single roll is mainly associated with men's jeans and complements the rugged work look.

3: Fold, Tuck, and Roll: AKA the "Pinroll"

If you want to create a tapered look to show off some cute short boots or sandals, the pinroll is the method for you. To start, grab around an inch of jean fabric behind your ankles and fold it inwards, holding it snugly against your ankle. Then fold the bottom up as many times as you need to make it feel secure. This is a good way to convert wide or straight-leg pants into a more "skinny jeans" tapered look.

The pinroll works best with jeans that are relaxed, boot-cut, straight, or boyfriend style. Ultra-skinny jeans do not have enough loose fabric to use this cuffing method.

4: The "Skinny" Roll

If you don't want such a pronounced fold or only need to cuff your jeans up about an inch, the skinny roll is just like the basic roll but with a shorter fold. This method works with jeans with a tighter fit, like tapered-leg jeans, and skinny jeans that have a little bit of give to them. Simply take the bottom of each pant leg and fold the hem over, about one-quarter to one-half inch at a time, until you reach the desired length.

This method also works for shorts that you want to make a little shorter, or for turning a pair of jeans into capris. The skinny roll is also one of the few cuff styles that works with skinny jeans because it isn't bulky and makes a subtle change in length.

Which jean cuff style are you interested in trying? By folding up your pant legs in new ways, you can create new looks to diversify your style.


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