Top 10 Ideas for a Better Black Friday

Things to do on Black Friday: Our Top 10 Ideas

Black Friday deals are hard to pass up. But so is time with the family. This year Lands' End has the best Black Friday deal: stay home and relax. Rather than push through crowds at a zombie-infested store, we're chilling out, bringing it back to how it used to be. So how do you know what to do on Black Friday now that you have an extra day to yourself? Here are 10 ways to make this Black Friday the best one yet.

1. Build a Fort

Whether you're trying to escape dishwashing duty, a rambling relative, or looking for a place to search for holiday ideas, the goal of a fort is the fort itself. And don't ever let anybody tell you that you're too old to make one.

2. Use That Refreshed Energy to Get Outdoors!

Take a late morning walk with the whole family around the block, head to the park, get some fresh air. It'll likely be brisk so the family Squall jackets will be extra helpful. Your sweet ol' dog even has one. You could say it's Squall in the family.

3. Write a Turkey Day Song

All you need is music editing software, and with some crafty audio finesse, you could have a finely crafted song made up entirely of Grandpa's snores. Call it a Snorechestra. Please. It's your masterpiece.

4. Figure Out a Way to Harness Electricity via Flannel and Carpet

Move aside Elon! Our fleece pajamas can power the whole block!

5. Charades

Oh, it's a classic. That Supima turtleneck will help you go full method. Steve jobs? Point to the turtleneck. Audrey Hepburn? Point to the turtleneck. Mime? Point to the turtleneck! Compliment, three words: you look incredible.

6. Round Up the Family for a Game of Touch Football/Foosball

Divvy up your teams by shirt color (these Men's Super T's are all-around the best). If the weather is subpar — or you don't want to leave your slippers all lonesome with the dog around — foosball sounds like a great alternative. Plus you're way better at foos and you know you'll win.

7. Remember I Spy?

"I spy with my little eye...something comfortable."

"My Starfish pants? Your uncle asleep on the stairs?"

"I spy somebody returning home, exhausted and empty-handed."

"Black Friday shoppers?"

8. See Who Can Take the Longest Nap

The game is straightforward. Pitch it as a game for the whole family! Some might catch on, some might already be sleeping. Hop into bed with those flannel sheets and down comforter and you might sleep through the weekend.

9. Make That Wishbone Count

Does the wishbone wish actually work? Well, last year somebody wished for the family to stick together at home on Black Friday. (We won't tell you who, but looky here, it worked.) Add those ponté leggings to the wish list and with that wishbone you've got a free wish for anything you'd...wish.

10. Throw That Halloween Pumpkin Away

We really don't know how it's lasted this long, but seriously it's time for that to go.

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