5 Best Skinny Jeans That Go with Any Comfy Sweater

5 Best Skinny Jeans That Go with Any Comfy Sweater

Skinny jeans are the winter antidote for stylish outfits comprised of big chunky sweaters and layers this holiday season. What better way to endure the cold than curled up with a chunky, cozy sweater that is so comfy, you never want to take it off? For your bottom half, figure-hugging denim is a go-to that will keep you just as warm, but it can also go from the couch to a holiday party in no time. With added accessories, these looks can transport you from a night in, to an evening out. Transform your skinny jeans and sweater outfits by adding unique and unexpected accessories from sparkling jewels to hoop earrings for an extra-thoughtful look that is sure to impress this holiday season.

Skinny jeans come in a variety of looks, fits, and cuts: from mid-rise to high-rise or blue jeans to black jeans, there are so many options. No matter the style you choose, skinny jeans complement any chunky sweater by lengthening legs with their tailored fit, and their stretchy fabric ensures comfort. Whether you choose to pair your skinny jeans with boots or ballet flats, sweaters are always a must in the colder months. Here are our picks for the best skinny jeans for women that go with any comfy sweater.

1. Black Skinny Jeans

Black skinny jeans are always a good idea. The jeans' natural slim fit is tapered at the bottom of the legs, giving a long and lean look, and the black, dark shade makes the skinny jeans look slightly more formal. Pair black skinny jeans with a comfy sweater in nude or black for city-style that is sleek and classic. Pair your black skinny jeans with everything from high heels for a night out to a pair of high boots for added warmth. You'll find yourself wearing black skinny jeans all year, no matter what the climate is like, as they are a classic staple item that can go with almost anything.

2. Elastic Waist Skinny Jeans

Comfort wins when it comes to winter and the holidays. Elastic waist skinny jeans are the easiest solution for when you need a pair of jeans that are comfortable yet still stylish. The beauty of the elastic waist is that the stretch allows you to move and enjoy all of those holiday festivities without ever feeling restricted or wound up. Additionally, when you pair your elastic waist skinny jeans with a big, chunky sweater, your extra stretchy waistline remains a secret, meaning you get the fashion statement of skinny jeans while being able to relax and breathe with an elastic waist–winter problems solved. Just like any other pair of skinny jeans, the tapered legs allow you to slip your feet into ultra-warm boots with very little hassle.

3. Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans

Mid-rise skinny jeans are a great option for conservative bottoms. The higher waistline falls gracefully just below the natural waistline, meaning you are free to move around, sit down and bend over with little worry of overexposure. During the holidays, when you're surrounded by family and running around entertaining, you'll appreciate this extra coverage. Wear mid-rise skinny jeans with a large, comfy sweater, or wear them with a tucked-in long-sleeve shirt and fleece vest for a more casual look.

4. High-Rise Skinny Jeans

A vintage and forgiving waistline, high rise skinny jeans elongate the body from the hem to the waist and are a flattering choice to wear with sweaters that can be tucked in. The high waistline of these skinny jeans cinches the waist and gives the appearance of an hourglass figure, accentuating curves in all of the right places. Wear high-rise skinny jeans with a chunky sweater, and tuck the front in to show off a narrow waist. Or wear them with a tucked-in slim-fit long-sleeve sweater to show off your figure. Either way, high-rise skinny jeans compliment any body type and look great when tucked into high winter boots.

5. Curvy Skinny Jeans

Curvy skinny jeans are designed with a more voluptuous body type in mind. Where typical skinny jeans go straight up and down, curvy skinny jeans are designed to skim hips and thighs, elongating any body shape. Another perk of curvy jeans is that the waistband is designed to hug the midline, meaning the jeans don't dip or reveal too much when you sit down, they simply adjust to your body form. Curvy skinny jeans are great for more petite women with feminine curves, hips, and thighs. Pair these jeans with a warm winter sweater, either tucked in or loose, for a comfortable shape and fit that you can rock all winter long.

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