What is a Swimdress and Why Do You Need One?

What is a Swim Dress and Why Do You Need One?

Lands’ End swim dresses are comfortable, versatile, and fun to wear. Like all our women’s swimsuits, they’re made from the best materials and have unique features you’ll love. Learn more and see why you should make cute swim dresses part of your all-summer rotation.

Can I Wear a Swim Dress Like a Regular Dress?

Go ahead and wear your women’s swim dress like you would anything else in your closet. Cute and soft, they look adorable and won’t itch or chafe, so you’ll feel relaxed all day long. Many are also made from fabric that provides UPF 50 sun protection, unlike a typical cover-up or top.

Will a Swim Dress Get Too Heavy in the Water?

Our swim dresses aren’t just for show. The lightweight material used in our bathing suits won’t weigh you down in the pool, so you can swim and move freely. When you’re done wearing your dress, gently squeeze out excess water, but avoid twisting and wringing it.

Do I Need to Wear Something Under a Swim Dress?

Some swim dresses have a sewn-in panty, so you don’t have to wear anything underneath. Other styles are made to be worn over something else. You can choose a one or two-piece suit, long board shorts, or just a pair of bikini bottoms if you prefer.

Will a Swim Dress Cling When it Gets Wet?

If you want some extra coverage in the pool, choose a swim dress instead of an old T-shirt. Wet cotton clings to your body and takes ages to dry, leaving you damp and cold. A swim dress keeps its fun and flirty shape though and won’t stick to your skin.

How Easy is it to Care for My Swim Dress?

Caring for a swim dress, or any of our slimming swimsuits, is simple. Always remove sunscreen, sand, grime, chlorine, and salt by rinsing it in cool water after wearing. Afterward, hand-wash your dress with baby shampoo or mild detergent and let it air dry.

Will My Swim Dress Wrinkle?

Typically, a swim dress won’t wrinkle the way something made from cotton or linen will, as they’re made from soft, stretchy material infused with Lycra. If you keep your dress folded in a drawer for a few months though, it may develop some creases. To remove them, soak your swim dress in warm water for a little while, let it air dry and the wrinkles should disappear.

How Can I Keep My Swim Dress Bright and Beautiful?

Before wearing your fashionable swim dresses for the first time, place it in a quart of cool water along with two tablespoons of vinegar. Use your hands to gently mix the solution into the fabric and let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes. Finally, rinse it clean – the colors should be protected from fading or running.


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