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Top Comfy Sweaters to Wear Around the House

Now that the weather has gotten colder, we know you're looking for every way possible to keep yourself comfortable and warm. During the summer months, a night out for drinks with friends might sound pretty appealing. But in the dead of January? Maybe you'd rather convince your friends to come over so you can whip them up your signature warm cocktail recipe (and more importantly, not have to leave the comfort of your own home). After the end of a long workday, the idea of soaking in the tub for a half an hour before drying off and slipping into a pair of slippers and a big, chunky sweater may sound like a little slice of heaven. Indeed, one of the simplest ways to take the edge off the brutal cold of winter is to lounge around the house in a cozy sweater. So what are the best sweaters to wear around the house? We've created a list of things you should think of before going on the hunt for your perfect wear-around-the-house sweaters.

Pick a Sweater Made With the Material You Love

Everyone has different ideas of what is comfortable. One person might argue that a cashmere sweater is the most comfortable sweater they have ever worn while another person may describe a cotton sweater as the most comfortable. The only way for you to know which material you find the most comfortable is to try on multiple sweaters.

In the Case of the Loungewear Sweater, Bigger May Actually Be Better

A big loose-fitting, oversized sweater may not be appropriate for the office or a formal dinner, but it is perfectly acceptable around the house; in fact, it's preferable. A sweater alone does not mean it's going to be innately comfortable. The material may be cheap and itchy and the fit could be too tight. When you're having a lazy Saturday afternoon movie marathoning it or cozying up on the couch late at night, you want to be swaddled in an oversized sweater. A loose-fitting sweater is usually always more comfortable than one that provides a clean-cut fit. Remember this when you are shopping for the perfect comfy sweaters to slouch around the house in: bigger is better.

Cashmere. All Kinds of Cashmere ...

Cashmere is the grandfather of all sweaters. It's classic. It's cozy. It looks good when you wear it outside the house, but when you're just lazing around at home, it does its most important job: it keeps you comfortable. Being able to sit around your home in a cashmere sweater sipping a cup of tea and having nothing on the agenda is the height of luxury. If you are investing in a cashmere sweater for the first time, you'll be wondering what you were doing all that time before the cashmere sweater came into your life. Cashmere sweaters come in all forms, so you can find the one that fits your needs. Looking for a plus size cashmere turtleneck sweater? You got it. Or would you prefer a cashmere v-neck wrap sweater? Or a cashmere cable open long cardigan? Yes and yes. Whatever you can dream up, a cashmere version probably exists. Now you're just left with the task of figuring oout which type of cashmere sweater you want. And if you can't narrow it down to just one, why not invest in a few?

A Turtleneck Tunic Is Always a Good Idea

A turtleneck tunic sweater is quintessential loungewear because it does an impeccable job of covering you up and keeping out of the cold. Tunic sweaters are longer than a standard sweater that usually ends at the hips and turtleneck tunic sweater will totally cover your neck so you don't have to wear a scarf. Be careful about slipping into a turtleneck tunic: once you put it on, you'll find it difficult – nearly impossible–to put on something else and leave the house. Reserve the turtleneck tunic for the days when you know you have nowhere to go.

A Short-Sleeve Sweater Is Also a Good Idea

Didn't know such a thing existed? It does and as soon as you start wearing a short-sleeve sweater, you'll come to realize it's one of the best things you can wear around the house. Sure, it may not keep you as warm as a long-sleeve turtleneck sweater, but it's designed more for comfort than warmth. A short-sleeve cashmere sweater is the kind of thing you want to wear when you have a fire going in the fireplace and just want a little extra coziness. Just imagine the combination of a short-sleeve cashmere sweater with a Sherpa fleece blanket and a roaring fire in the living room fireplace? You'll never want to leave your house.


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