Graduation Gifts

Top 5 Graduation Gifts

Graduation day is a chance to celebrate years of hard work culminating in an enormous achievement. More than just a ceremony, it’s a rite of passage for your child, and a momentous turning point in their lives. It signifies the end of one chapter and the beginning of another, and it’s certainly worth surprising them with a thoughtful congratulatory gift. Here are five fantastic ideas that will show them just how proud you are of their efforts.

Personalized Backpack

Whether they’re headed off to college or taking a gap year to volunteer or travel, they can always use a high-quality personalized backpack. This is easily the most useful piece of gear you can give to any graduate because they can find so many ways to make good use of it, no matter what their plans are for the year.

Structure and organization, for example, are both specific factors that can make life much simpler, both on campus or on the road. Spacious exterior pockets, interior compartments, and zippered sections make it easier to keep everything in its rightful place. Elements like water bottle pockets, padded straps, and reinforced handles are all equally important. In addition to those standard features, look for strategically padded compartments designed to protect laptops and tablets with ease, plus accessory pockets for cell phones. There’s no doubt that your graduate will need them!

Monogrammed Bedding

If your child is headed off to campus, it’s time they had their own bedding, too. The addition of a monogram is a comforting reminder of home, yet also feels adult and polished. A sheet set, for example, may not seem like an immediately obvious choice for a gift, but it’s a great idea for someone who is having a hard time leaving the nest or who simply appreciates high-quality bedding.

You have options where monogrammed bedding is concerned, too. A throw blanket is a welcome addition to any young person’s life — they can wrap up in it while they’re studying or relaxing on the couch watching television. You can even personalize a duvet cover with their initials to complete the set!

Light Sweater

Every graduate should have a go-to piece that they can wear anytime, anywhere, whether they’re headed out the door on a rushed morning to class or meeting friends for coffee. When it doesn’t quite call for a jacket, a light sweater fits the bill nicely. There are dozens of practical options, including cardigans and pullovers. A cardigan is a particularly effortless choice because it’s quick to pull on and off and often serves as the perfect finishing touch for a casual look.

Consider where your graduate is headed as you make your decision. A slightly more complex material, like a textured cable knit or cashmere, may be appropriate if they’re venturing into a generally colder territory where wearing layers is the norm. But if their college is in a balmy region, or they’re going to be traveling somewhere warm, then a T-shirt weight sweater is perfect. They can wear them with anything, from jeans to women’s dresses!

Cozy Vest

Your graduate’s life is about to change in a big way. Making the transition to college life can be daunting, but it’s also very exciting — and it means that they’ll have some different wardrobe needs as they grow accustomed to spending more time wandering around campus, meeting friends on weekends, going to games, and generally immersing themselves in the experience.

Both men’s and women’s winter vests make a great addition to their wardrobe because they’re so versatile! It’s often too cumbersome and impractical to lug around a heavy winter coat, and sometimes something that thick isn’t even necessary. A vest fills the gap easily. It looks great over everything from flannel shirts to cotton sweaters and is often the final layer that they need to stay toasty on a brisk day. They’re available in a variety of materials, including fleece, down, and even velvet.

Flannel Shirt

Is there anything that could work better for a collegiate look than a flannel shirt? It’s synonymous with fall and practically required wearing during football games! But the beauty of this piece is really in its practicality and comfort. It’s soft to the touch and easy on the skin, locking in body heat so that your graduate stays warm when it matters the most.

Moreover, flannel shirts look phenomenal with everything! They’re perfect for layering over simple tees and pairing with skinny jeans or leggings and knee-high boots. They look right at home with khaki pants for men. They can even be styled in unexpected ways, such as skirts or over dresses. Your graduate is sure to have fun with it!

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