Best Men's Swimsuits You Can Buy As Gifts

Best Men's Swimsuits You Can Buy As Gifts

Whether you're stocking up for spring break or have planned a Caribbean cruise after the holidays to chase off the winter chill, swimming is probably on the agenda. While you may have your bags packed and ready, does your man have the swimsuit he needs to lounge by the poolside? If he has been wearing the same men's swim trunks since high school, it's time to give him a new one that he can take to this year's pool parties. How do you find the perfect men's swimwear for him?

Choose the Right Size

The sneaky part of buying clothing for someone is to find their size without asking them. It gives away some of the surprise if you directly ask your man, "what size trunks do you wear?" The great news is that finding his size the sneaky way is as easy as 1-2-3. When he's out with the boys or you happen to leave home just a little later than he does for work, take a quick peek at the size of men's jeans he wears. Remember this number for future reference.

When you shop, look for trunks that encompass the waist size on his pants. For example, a man who has a 46-48 inch waistband in jeans will need a 2XL in trunks with most standard sizing. When in doubt, check the product description to find out what waist measurements the trunks accommodate. Also, when choosing a swim tee or rash guard, choose the size he normally wears in shirts. Be sure to check clothing he likes to wear frequently so you can get a good idea of his current size, and avoid anything that he has neglected in the closet for over a year.

Swim Tees & Rash Guards

Now that you have your man's measurements, you can log on and shop with ease! Many guys like to wear just a pair of trunks, but there are also quite a few who want the extra sun protection and coverage that a swim tee provides. If he likes to surf in any weather, a long-sleeve men's rash guard is a great gift. Swim tees also come in short sleeves for men who want most of their arms free. If you choose a basic, solid color like black or blue, the swim shirt can match different pairs of trunks and be a more versatile piece of swimwear. If you're shopping for the little man in your life, boys' swim tees also provide excellent SPF protection for kids who enjoy their time in the sun.

Quick-Dry Material

Does your man love convenience and low-maintenance items? Then a quick-dry pair of trunks is what he probably wants. What makes these trunks dry so quickly is their high-quality DWR (durable water repellent) finish. On a hot day, a short game of frisbee or a break from the pool can be enough to dry this material sufficiently to sit comfortably in a car or eat at a picnic table. If you want to make his swim trunks an even more magical gift, find a pair of cargo trunks with pockets. These beauties aren't just ideal for the pool, but they can be worn at a cookout, party, or get together with regular clothes.

Find the Right Length

It's always good to be mindful of your recipient's tastes when selecting clothing. While it's in vogue to wear more revealing swimwear, most men prefer trunks with considerable coverage. However, this level of modesty is relative. Your guy may like the shorter versions of trunks or he may swing at the other end of the pendulum and only wear trunks that go down to his knees. Check his current swimsuit to see what length he has typically chosen for himself and get a gift of a similar length when you shop. If your guy is tall, be sure to find swimsuits that are made for his build, such as men's big and tall swim trunks. These trunks are going to provide the most flattering lengths and comfortable fit.

Coverup Hoodies

Sometimes your guy may want to swim shirtless but have something to cover up with when he gets out of the pool. Coverup hoodies are the perfect transitional outerwear that can take him from the end of a pool party to a backyard fire pit in under a minute. They also pass as regular tops to go with jeans and shorts, so they are truly a great companion to his new swimsuit!

Keep these tips in mind when finding the best men's bathing suits for the men in your life.

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