4 Tips for Styling a Wrap Dress

4 Tips for Styling a Wrap Dress

Add a wrap dress to your wardrobe for plenty of stylish options. They come in a wide variety of colors and prints, making them one of the most versatile types of women’s dresses. In addition, the wrap dress flatters every figure. Check out these styling tips for making the most of your wrap dress:  

Pair with Sneakers for Spring

The combination of sneakers and a wrap dress is a look that’s perfect for spring. Wrap dresses fall somewhere in between casual and semi-dressy, depending on the shoes and accessories you choose. Sneakers add a casual vibe to any wrap dress, whether you choose a solid black style or one with a colorful print.

Wrap dresses are great for spring because they’re made from lightweight, breathable fabrics such as pima cotton and rayon modal. Blended fabrics are soft, sturdy and highly resistant to wrinkles and fading. Look for fabrics with a small percentage of spandex for a stretchy feel that’s never too tight or constricting.

There are lots of places to wear your cotton-blend wrap dress and sneakers. This outfit is good for running errands or having lunch at an outdoor café; you can also wear it to the movies or a day date at the botanical garden. If you want lightweight coverage for your arms, slip into a denim jacket or one of the cotton sweaters for women that’s part of your summer wardrobe.

Wear Sandals with Your Cotton Wrap Dress

Cotton summer dresses come in wrap styles for comfort and style. One of the top reasons to wear cotton in the summer is that it’s light and breathable. A cotton/polyester blend dress works for spring and/or summer, so you can get plenty of wear out of it. Choose a sleeveless style, which you can wear with a jacket or sweater in the spring and on its own in the summer.

Sandals are a stylish accompaniment to the cotton wrap dress. There are all kinds of styles from which to choose, from strappy wedge-heeled sandals to walking sandals designed for comfort. If you prefer summer footwear that’s understated and easy to slip on and off, choose a pair of slides in a neutral color. Moccasins and boat shoes are another option for adding a preppy touch to your outfit. They can be worn with any wrap dress in the summer; look for comfort features like a padded footbed and breathable upper to keep your feet cool and cushioned.

Boots Work for Fall and Winter

If you’re looking for footwear to wear with a wrap dress in the cooler months, reach for a pair of boots. There are ankle boots and calf-high boots that come in versatile colors such as brown and black. When shopping for boots, you’ll find slip-on and zippered styles — find the fit that’s right for you.

It’s entirely appropriate to wear a wrap dress in the fall and winter, especially when you choose the right outerwear. For warmer fall days, layer a blazer over a wrap dress for sophisticated office-ready style. When it gets cooler, you can wear a cardigan sweater over your wrap dress. If you want to put together a dressy look with a casual touch, wear a wrap dress with a long cashmere cardigan and your favorite boots.

Accessory Ideas

There are all kinds of ways to accessorize your wrap dress. In the spring and summer, all that’s needed are some delicate pieces of jewelry for an understated look. You may only want to wear one statement piece to keep things simple, such as oversized earrings or a cuff bracelet. In the fall, you can wear your wrap dress and jacket or sweater with a cozy scarf and women’s winter gloves.

Hats are another type of fashion accessory that can be worn with a wrap dress. If you want to add casual flair to your look, opt for a classic cap in a sturdy fabric such as cotton canvas. Cloche hats in a cashmere-like fabric impart an elegant touch to any dress, including the wrap style.

Other Types of Dresses

The wrap dress isn’t the only year-round wardrobe staple to keep in your closet. You might also want some other dresses so that you can create lots of outfits. The maxi dress is a must-have for all seasons because like the wrap dress, it’s easy to dress up or down with a sweater or fleece jacket. For the warmer months, you can’t miss with the casual comfort of a T-shirt dress.

Shift dresses are another super-comfortable choice for spring and summer. They’re designed to fall straight from the shoulder line to the hem, which gives them a loose, flowy look. If you like a dress that’s versatile and has a more form-fitting silhouette, the sheath dress is the one for you. Rather than choose a single style of dress, pick up multiple dress styles. That way, you’ll have something to wear for every casual and semi-dressy occasion throughout the year.


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