These Plus Size Sweaters Make Perfect Gifts for Women

These Plus-Size Sweaters Make Perfect Gifts for Women

There's nothing like a beautiful plus size sweater to add a little comfort and style to her holiday season. There are dozens of ways to wear them, and they're perfect for wearing everywhere from the office to date night to holiday parties. Some styles are simple, while others are dressier and more polished. No matter what her preference, it's easy to find a look she'll love. If you're seeking the perfect gift idea, keep these striking suggestions in mind.

Shawl Cardigans Are Essential

Few pieces are as essential to a wardrobe as comfortable plus size cardigan sweaters for women. They're limitless in their possibilities. She can wear it while she's out running errands, stay warm when the office feels a bit chilly, or cozy up inside the house while lounging in a pair of joggers. Cardigans also have the innate ability to pull together even the most basic outfits–we're looking at you, plain tees and jeans!

The good news is that they're available in numerous iterations, from simple to standout. If you're seeking something a little different from the usual suspects, consider a chic shawl cardigan. It's earned classic status thanks to its ability to pair well with just about everything in her closet. More importantly, cardigans are ultra-cozy and available in dozens of solid colors and even striped patterns. Add a pair of jeans or soft pants along with flats or her favorite sneakers and she has all she needs to feel relaxed and comfortable all day long.

Give the Gift of Fleece

Plus size fleece sweaters also make incredible gifts for the discerning fashion mavens in your life. First, consider the practicality of the material: It's lightweight without sacrificing the warmth and comfort she would expect of a garment suitable for winter wear. It's also wonderfully breathable, which means she won't feel uncomfortable throughout the day. Moreover, it hangs on to its insulating properties all day long; instead of suffering unexpected drafts when the wind blows, she'll maintain a similar sense of warmth from the moment she slips it on until she removes it at night. Finally, fleece repels moisture like a pro. A bit of light rain is no big deal for this performance piece; even when it's wet, it does its job of keeping her warm and toasty.

Our fleece options are designed with both utility and style in mind. Try a chic sweater fleece coat to increase the benefits of cold-weather wear: it's thick, beautifully crafted, and destined to keep her comfortable even when it's snowing outside.

Try a Classic Pullover

Never underestimate the value of a classic pullover sweater. Something as effortless as a women's tunic sweater has the potential to become the MVP of her wardrobe because it pairs well with everything. She can just as easily wear it with jeans and sneakers during her Saturday morning grocery run as she can with a pair of stretchy leggings and heels to meet friends for lunch. It's the type of top that marries practicality with style, resulting in something she'll reach for time and time again.

Our varieties prioritize an excellent fit, which means she'll never find herself tugging at the hem, pulling on the sleeves, or adjusting the neckline while she's going about her everyday routine. They're wonderfully soft to the touch and available in a wide range of materials, such as luxurious cashmere and practical cotton. If you're torn about the right choice, think about her lifestyle. If she loves to get dressed up and appreciates a touch of elegance even when she dresses down, you can't go wrong with a cashmere sweater. If she's more into low-key looks, an easy boatneck sweater will do the job every time.

Treat Her to a Turtleneck

Plus size turtlenecks are a staple in women's wardrobes during the coldest months of the year. It's almost impossible to overstate their value and appeal, especially from a practical point of view. That's because this humble item happens to make an incredible layering piece, especially on brisk days that call for a little more than just a coat and a scarf.

Layers help lock in body heat, which keeps the wearer more comfortable when they're navigating busy sidewalks on the way to the office in the morning. Moreover, turtleneck sweaters offer multiple styling possibilities. A thinner style can be worn underneath a flannel shirt for a crisp, effortless look, or even beneath a shirtdress for a chic and sensible office ensemble. Of course, a warm and cozy turtleneck made with a classic cable knit or cashmere is also great to wear on its own because it pairs so well with everything from jeans to trousers.

Warm up the women on your list with plus size sweaters that they'll love wearing all season.

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