Summer Ideas to Refresh Your Bedroom & Living Room

Summer Ideas to Refresh Your Bedroom & Living Room

Seasonal transitions prompt a need for change in your activities, wardrobe, and decor. There’s something innate about shifting between different modes throughout the year. As the weather changes, we get to enjoy different ways of dressing, seasonal activities, and diverse moods in the home.

While winter has a cozy atmosphere where fleece throws, fireplace effects, and warmth takes precedence, summer signals the return to the outdoors, bright colors, and breezy, cool cotton. Naturally, your interior can use a refreshing change of scenery throughout the year. Making changes in your home doesn't have to take a lot of time either. Here are some summer ideas to quickly refresh your bedroom and living room.

Get Some Fresh Throw Pillows

Using throw pillows to enhance a room’s look is an inexpensive way to add stunning visual effects. The extra color and texture of pillows give your room a unique personality. Summer throw pillows come in bright and cheerful colors that coordinate with the bold yellows, reds, blues, and pinks associated with warm seasonal decor. For the best results, you should change your pillows as you refresh other elements in the room, such as bedding, artwork, and curtains. You can throw in more colorful elements that are typical of the brilliant, cheerful season of summer.

For your bedroom, get pillows that match your comforter. When you make the bed, you can attractively arrange the pillows. You can also apply the same concept to your chairs and couches. Your pillows don’t always have to “match” your couch or bed either. Integrating a few accent colors creates some surprise aesthetics that keep the room looking interesting. Complementary colors work well in this scenario. For example, yellow and purple play well off each other. Accent textures like sequins, hemp weave, and nautical materials can also work well in a summer room.

Change Your Seasonal Duvet Covers & Comforters

Warm weather doesn’t require the heavy comforters that you use in the fall and winter. This is why you should store your winter bedding and replace it with a summer blanket. Summer duvet covers keep your seasonal comforters clean and also add extra color to your bedroom.

You can also easily remove your duvets and wash them to keep your bedding feeling fresh and clean all summer long — which is especially important during a season when it can get pretty hot! To keep your seasonal linens in good shape, invest in vacuum storage. Not only will your fall/winter sheets and down comforter take up less space in storage, but they will also be protected from musty smells and pests that can affect them.

Relish in Lightweight Cotton Sheets

It’s easy to feel hot at night in the summer when you have the wrong sheets. While flannel sheets keep you warm during the fall and winter, their brushed fibers can lock in too much heat. Cue in night sweats and tossing and turning for hours which results in poor sleep. To get better rest during the summer, invest in a few sets of lightweight Supima cotton sheets. A good set won’t just feel silky smooth, but it will have elastic all around so that every inch of its edges grab on to your mattress firmly. Avoid synthetic materials that aren't breathable like polyester blends. Instead, look for natural materials like 100% cotton that is perfect for dealing with the summer heat.

Revitalize Your Floors and Walls

Summer bedrooms have more sunlight and color, so it’s natural to want to adjust the color scheme of these areas. While changing bedding and other decorative accents is enough to make a significant change, you can go the extra mile and refresh your walls and flooring. It doesn’t take long to paint a couple of rooms in the house, and if you are keen on having robin’s egg blue walls this summer — why not?

The same idea goes for your flooring. Maybe your carpet looks tired and stained after a few years of heavy-duty use. Summer is a great time to focus on improving the flooring. Installing new flooring can be an easy DIY project as well if you choose floating laminate floors or replace a small area with new carpet. If you choose to replace carpet with hard flooring, you can still enjoy the comfort of carpets when you integrate area rugs or a bathroom mat into the room.

As the season changes outside, have your home reflect the joys of summer on the inside too. How do you plan on refreshing your home this year?

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