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Supima Cotton Sheets

cotton bed sheets

You spend a good portion of your time asleep in bed, recharging for the next day ahead. The goal for most people is to get at least eight hours of sleep per night, although many struggle to achieve that average. Make the most of your sleep by upgrading your bedding to create a more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. At Lands' End, you can shop the collection of Supima cotton sheets, which are some of the most beloved options among serious sleepers.

Supima cotton is a superior type of this popular material that is produced within the United States. Among all cotton grown across the globe, Supima makes up less than 1%. It's different because it has extra-long staple fibers that provide impressive softness and strength. When you relax on your new cotton bed sheets made from this improved type of cotton, you'll likely be able to drift off into dreamland without having to count sheep.

These cotton sheets are more appealing than other types of traditional cotton sheets, which can feel a little too crisp and not quite soft enough. They're among the best cotton sheets available, and at Lands' End, you can get a set for your bed without breaking the bank. The extensive collection of sheets makes it easy to pick out the style that you like, helping to upgrade your bedroom to a space that promotes relaxation and rejuvenation.

You can even shop for sheets in sizes that are typically harder to find. If you have a larger bed, check out the king size cotton sheets available, along with king size sheet options in other materials as well. California king sheets are also available, which are particularly hard to find in some areas. If you're outfitting an extra-long twin bed in a dorm room, you can easily find a set that provides softness and full coverage on the mattress.

For maximum softness beneath your skin, a set of 400 thread count sheets is a must-have. You'll appreciate all the different options in the extensive Lands' End collection of bedding. As you're upgrading your bed with new sheets, don't forget to shop the other options, including bedspreads, duvet covers throw pillows, and blankets for the bedroom. Other pieces in the Lands' End home collection include bathroom rugs, unique shower curtains, beach towels, and much more.