8 Stylish Patterns and Prints on Summer Dresses

8 Stylish Patterns and Prints on Summer Dresses

Warm weather is the perfect excuse to show off your favorite summer dresses. Flowy, effortless looks are all the rage this season. With so many varieties of dresses, we wanted to take a moment to highlight the hottest dress prints of the summer season. So grab your hat and favorite sandals, it’s time to kick back and soak up the sun.

Fancy Florals

Floral prints are a huge hit this year. What we love the most is the wide variety of floral prints. From the large, bold floral prints found on your favorite tall maxi dresses to the tiny prints of daisies that look incredible on virtually any dress shape, there’s a lot to get excited about! Boho printed florals and classic preppy looks both celebrate the season of the sun. Suitable for work or brunch, these dress prints are a must-have this season.

Pretty in Polka Dots

Go for a classic look with petite dresses dabbed with polka dots. Retro is back with this classic look that always seems to stay in style. Polka dot dresses come in a variety of different types. From the bold block colors to ombre polka dots that evoke more of a boho vibe. Either way, you’ll love this classic pattern. Polka dots look best on knee-length dresses with a flared skirt. This is a classic look that’s back in style. This style of work dress works well for the workplace and creates an eye-popping look that’s sure to command the room.

Modern Patterns

Today’s modern dress patterns are fun, funky, and ultra geometric. Don’t expect symmetry in this hyper-urban fashion statement. Instead, you’ll be wearing a work of modern art. Bold, contrasting colors or black-and-white dress patterns make a real statement with this look. Rich and bold colors bring the best in the summer season—so if you really want to make a statement, go bold or bust!

Boho Chic

Boho chic brings out your inner flower child. These dress styles often feature multiple patterns put together for a coherent look. Think paisley, global patterns, and festive florals. Cuts tend to be more flowy and free form. These dresses evoke a relaxed vibe that’s ready for some time in nature. Sleeves vary from sleeveless to full-on flowy sleeved dresses that let in all the breezes. From short rompers to maxi length, there’s a boho pattern for every silhouette.

Snazzy Stripes

Stripes are back and better than ever! However, today’s stripes are more relaxed than the pinstripes of yesterday. Think California beach vibes with chunky stripes interspersed with thin ribbons of color. Knit dresses made of breathable cotton or linen let in the breeze and keep you feeling cool as a cucumber. These dress prints are ideal for crafting a look that evokes a sense of peace and well-being.

Preppy and pretty stripes are back too. You’ll find bolder striped looks that are a bit more defined than their California dreamin’ counterparts. Wear these to work for a fun and fashion-forward vibe. Opt for vertical striping to elongate your body and stand tall.

Global Influence

Globally inspired prints are a great option for those who have a little wanderlust. From the unique prints you’ll find on a sari to the mud cloth of Mali, you’ll be able to show off your favorite places with global prints. Patterns found in the American Southwest are also all the rage. Choose a global region you love or sport looks from multiple regions around the globe. Wear on your travels or to that amazing dinner party to spark stimulating conversation.

Funky and Bold

You may have noticed the trends we loved in the 90s are becoming trends we love now, and that means bold prints, graphics, and those bright colors you love. Get into the season with dresses that feature your favorite things from the ’90s. Think bright and brilliant colors, patterns, and objects, and graphics that have you remembering your favorite cartoon. Don’t be shy to show off your nostalgic side with a ’90s-inspired funky print.

Found in Nature

Another amazing trendy dress print this season is all things natural. Think of your favorite cotton sundresses dowsed in palm fronds for a tropical vibe. Or a fun T-shirt dress featuring your favorite fruits. These prints cater to a variety of different styles, from Bahama vibes to zebra stripes. What we love about these prints is the versatility of the pattern to suit virtually any style!

This season is all about the dress. You’ll find your favorite prints in a variety of cuts and styles this season. You’ll want at least a few dresses to spruce up your sunny wardrobe. From your favorite florals to punchy prints, there’s a pattern everyone will love. Pick something that suits your personal style, or try a brand new look. So go ahead, be bold or keep it natural with amazing summer dress prints you’re bound to love.

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