6 Ways To Style a Cardigan With a Summer Dress

6 Ways To Style a Cardigan With a Summer Dress

Summer weather means it’s time to pull out all the chic dresses in your closet. Get ready to put on those fun, comfortable dresses for everything summer brings. Even better, dresses offer ultimate versatility because you can add layers for evenings or transition to chilly, air-conditioned buildings. Use these tips to style your summer dresses with cardigans and look great all season.

1. Buttoned-Up Summer Style

If you’re looking to make the most of your summer wardrobe, button-up women’s cardigans is the perfect way to do it. You can wear almost any summer dress, from a short-sleeve or sleeveless sundress to a sleek sheath with a cardigan. Just layer a lightweight cardigan over your dress, making sure it is smooth underneath, and style it as you'd like. Three great ways to wear it include buttoning up the cardigan completely (which gives it a cute two-piece look that’s great for work), leaving the top button or two undone (similar to the previous look, but more casual), or completely unbuttoned. The last look has a slightly more casual feel, so it’s perfect for any laid-back look. For the best effect, try one of these looks with a tailored or slightly fitted cardigan rather than a loose or oversize style. You can also push up the sleeves of your cardigan to change up any of these three styles.

2. Open-Front Cardigans With Casual Dresses or Maxi Styles

Casual summer dresses and longer-length maxi dress styles look fabulous when paired with an equally laid-back sweater. To pull off this chic look, choose an open-front cardigan that makes a statement, such as draping or a waterfall front, and wear it casually over your dress. Almost any type of summer dress works with this style of cardigan, so it’s extremely versatile. Just avoid wearing multiple prints, so the outfit isn’t too busy. A print dress and a solid-colored cardigan will pair perfectly together for nearly any summer occasion. Top it off with casual sandals or espadrilles, and you’ll be set.

3. Striped or Ombre Cardigans for Subtle Style

If you want to add a small boost of style to your look without being too bold, a summer dress and striped or ombre-pattern cardigan are a great way to do it. You can find these sweaters in your choice of open-front or button styles, and either one will look fabulous with a solid-color summer dress. This gives your outfit a very versatile look. It’s sophisticated enough to wear for work or date night but not so serious that it can’t be worn for more casual events, like picnics and errands. You can choose to match one of the stripe or ombre colors with your dress or create a contrasting look that spices up the look a little further. Avoid going with two different overly bright or bold colors to keep this looking pretty and polished.

4. Zip-Up Cardis and Denim Dresses

Lightweight denim has become a go-to for skirts, pants, and yes, even dresses. From light denim jumper styles to button-up shirt dresses, these have the perfect casual feel that fits the summer season. You can wear a denim dress anywhere, as it has the right blend of casual chic for anything, including dressy occasions. This look works well with light zip-up cardigans when the evening chill hits the air. Simply put it on over your dress or zip it fully. The zipper cardigan has a cool, casual vibe that fits this dress style perfectly.

5. Cardigans Tied at the Waist With Summer Dresses

Summer comes with tons of style options but also the need to be a little flexible too. Things like going in and out of air conditioning, varying temperatures, or pop-up rain showers and thunderstorms all mean the temperature can flux when you least expect it. A light summer cardigan is the perfect answer. You can put it on as needed for comfort for a casual style, and when you encounter warmer temperatures, simply tie it around your waist temporarily. Make sure not to tie it too tight to keep the fabric from stretching or pulling.

6. Look Pretty and Polished With Cardigans Over Your Shoulders

For a more polished way to sport your summer cardigan, consider wearing it over your shoulders. This provides easy access should you need to put it on fully and adds a subtle style accent when you don’t. To pull off this look, simply drape the cardigan over your shoulders. Leave the sleeves lying gently on your shoulders for a laid-back vibe, or tie the two sleeves together and in front of your bust for a more polished appearance.

Summer Dresses and Cardigans Go Hand in Hand

When it comes to summer staples that every woman needs, stylish summer dresses and light cardigans are must-haves. These are comfy clothes combos that look as good as they feel. Be ready for anything in chic dress styles and essential sweaters to layer over them. Stay comfortable and look great all summer with this combination!


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