Best Shirts to Wear With Colorful Pants

Best Shirts to Wear With Colorful Pants

Colorful pants are all the rage this season. They make a bold statement and come in a variety of fun colors, eye-catching prints, and unique designs. Styling these head-turners doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, it’s quite fun to find the perfect shirt to wear with pants that pop.

Get Complementary

If you love color, then why not keep your outfit loud and proud with a shirt that complements your bold style? Opt to pair your colorful pants with a few women’s blouses that come in complementary colors. To find said colors, simply check out a color wheel. Choose the color of pants that you have, then look directly across the color wheel. There you’ll find the complementary color. For example, oranges and blues are complementary. You may choose to keep your shirt a more muted tone (or not, it’s up to you) to really let your pants pop. Or you can keep it loud by choosing an equally bold color. There’s no wrong answer. Just choose something that best reflects your fabulous personality.

Go for Neutrals

If you want to make a statement, let your pants do the talking. For bold, colorful, printed pants, sometimes a neutral color makes for the perfect match. Choose women’s tee shirts in greys, blacks, browns, whites, or tans. These muted neutral colors let the rest of your outfit shine. The overall look creates a balance between bold and understated. Choose shiny accessories in colors such as rose gold or silver to create an eye-catching outfit that truly turns heads. Accessories such as women's shoes and handbags can either be just as bright as your pants or also follow a neutral color palette. Patent pumps and leather handbags create a versatile look that’s sophisticated and playful. The best part about neutrals is that they go with virtually anything in your wardrobe, so you can mix and match with these highly versatile pieces to create an endless array of looks for any occasion.

Prints that Pop

Bold, solid color pants demand a printed shirt to match. Women’s capri pants in bold, bright colors are just begging for a colorful counterpart. Choose printed or patterned blouses that have a matching color to complete the outfit. As a result, you’ll have an intriguing shirt on top with colorful pants to match on the bottom. Floral and funky geometric prints are a huge hit right now. Even shirts with neutral prints can easily be paired with colorful pants. Just avoid clashing colors or off-matches that don’t quite go together. Using complementary colors or finding a colorful pant that matches a lesser-represented color in your printed shirt helps keep clashing at bay. Keep accessories simple and understated. Instead, let your shirt do the talking for an overall stunning look that’s sure to represent your personality. 

Back to Basics

One nice thing about bold pants is their ability to match with virtually any basic shirt. From turtlenecks to women's cotton tank tops, basic, single-color shirts go well with a bright pant. For tighter fits, opt for tunic tops for women or flowy linens. These keep you cool and create a balanced profile that’s pleasing for any figure shape. Tighter tops work well with flowy pants such as a gaucho style, jogger, or wide legs with a high waist. Balance is key, and when you’re working with basics, there are endless combinations. Basics are also a cost-effective way of maximizing the options in your wardrobe.

Knitted and Nice

Knits are oh-so-cozy and perfect for relaxing. Not to mention, they create a texture that draws the eye in and creates intrigue in any look. Bold, bright pants go well with knitted neutrals. Or you can mix and match your basics with fun and flowy knitted cardigan sweaters. Knits are great for layering to create a more complex look that’s also highly functional. Great as sweaters, cover-ups, or even shawls, knits create a luxe feel with textures and patterns that are so cozy you just want to snuggle right up. These work well to create varying silhouettes. For example, a wide-leg cropped pant with a high waist combined with a basic turtleneck and a long, flowy knitted cardigan gives a goddess-like look with a hint of sophistication. Overall, the layers not only provide added warmth, but they also create a cozy, welcoming vibe. 

Wearing colorful and fun pants surely does make a statement. This fall’s hottest trends are all about keeping the joy in the changing of the seasons. Style your colorful pants with a variety of different shirts to create versatile looks that suit your unique personality. Be sure to accessorize lightly for that added wow-factor. The result is a look that’s ready for any occasion, from your favorite happy hour haunt to that big presentation.


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