Questions and Answers About Raincoats: Material, Types, and More

Questions and Answers About Raincoats: Material, Types, and More

According to an old saying (or maybe a meme), life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain. If you’re going to take things literally, wear a reliable women’s raincoat. That way, you’ll stay dry no matter what comes your way.

Can Raincoats Go in the Washing Machine?

When your kid’s rainwear gets dirty, always check the tag for care instructions. Some coats can be tossed in the washing machine, but you may need to use a special detergent made for waterproof raincoat material. Other coats require hand-washing or a trip to the dry cleaner.

Are Raincoats Warm?

Lots of raincoats are basic shells designed to keep you dry without overheating. However, others are more like your warmest winter coat and have snuggly linings perfect for cold days. Our Squall® parkas, for instance, are made with fleece linings, earning them our warmest temperature rating.

Can Raincoats Go in the Dryer?

Once again, follow the care instructions printed on your coat’s tag. Often, men’s rain gear needs to air dry, as putting it in the machine can cause waterproof coatings to peel or melt. If your coat can go in the dryer, add a towel to pad it during the spin cycle.

Can Windbreakers be Raincoats?

Some (but not all) windbreakers double as raincoats. A windbreaker designed for drizzly days will be made from waterproof or water-resistant material and may have sealed seams. Make sure the coat is easy to move in if you plan to wear it hiking or cycling.

Why Aren’t All Raincoats Waterproof?

Lands’ End raincoats are made from waterproof fabric. However, not all of them have fully-sealed seams, so there’s a small chance water may penetrate around the zippers or seams. For most people, this won’t be a problem, though.

How Should I Store My Raincoat?

Make sure your raincoat is dry before putting it away, or it may fall victim to mold and mildew. Hang it in a well-ventilated closet and keep it away from direct light to avoid fading. When you’re ready to wear it again, don’t iron your raincoat – instead, let it lay on your bed for a while to release wrinkles.

Will I Get Too Hot in a Raincoat?

Check and see if your raincoat has proper ventilation, like underarm gussets, if you’ll be wearing it during strenuous activities. Otherwise, your body won’t be able to breathe and you may end up sweaty and hot. You can also consider a coat with a removable lining.

Are Raincoats Windproof?

Many raincoats stop wind and water, making them great for days when the gusts are too strong for an umbrella. Some coats are only wind-resistant though, and won’t provide total protection in heavy gales. Research raincoats carefully before buying and pick the one best suited to your needs and climate.

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