Are Pleated or Flat-Front Pants in Style?

Are Pleated or Flat-Front Pants in Style?

With all the different pant options today, you might be wondering whether pleated or flat-front men’s pants are going to be your best style bet. The good news is that when it comes to this style dilemma, you can’t go wrong. Fortunately for modern guys, both pleated and flat-front pants are in style. The trick is just knowing how to wear them and what to wear them with. With a little styling prep, you can look incredible in either pleated or flat-front pants and have plenty of choices in your wardrobe to create pull-together outfits that let you take on the day in comfort and confidence.

A Look at Men’s Pleated Pants

Men’s pleated pants have a long and unique history. These classic looks have been around for decades, appearing in suit styles as early as the 1930s. They had moments of greater popularity as well as times when other pant options took center stage, but they keep coming back. Even among pleated pants, there are variations. Different makers and brands may have slightly different ways that they create the pleats, and be pleated towards or away from the fly. Today, these timeless pants are a go-to for men of every body type. Why are pleats preferred by many modern guys? Like in the past, these looks have a unique blend of comfort and style that makes them an appealing choice for any guy’s wardrobe.

Flat-Front Pants Make Their Mark

Flat-front pants aren’t exactly new - flat pant styles date back as far as Victorian times. These simple yet sleek pant styles have undergone many changes over the years, in everything from fabrics and pockets to unique details and accents. Eras of particular popularity for flat pant designs include the 1950s and 60s when clean, slim styles were well-liked, as well as in the 90s and early 2000s when some pant styles moved toward a streamlined design. Today, flat-front pants offer a tailored, modern look that is a perfect staple for men to have in their wardrobe.

Can Any Guy Wear Pleated and Flat-Front Pants?

The quick answer is yes, every guy can pull off both pleated and flat-front pant designs. The key to ensuring a great look? The fit and quality. High-quality pants chosen in a perfectly fitting size will make any guy look and feel his best. Whether it’s a standard size or a big-and-tall pair, it’s essential that men choose a size that fits them well. This will eliminate any pulling or discomfort of the pants, as well as prevent a less polished look from sizes that are too large. As far as style, both pants are equally stylish and can look great with a variety of shirts and jackets.

Why Do Some Guys Prefer Pleated or Flat-Front Pants?

Just like most clothing styles, guys may have personal preferences when it comes to choosing pleated over flat-fronted pant types. Even though a great fit and high-quality fabrics and designs are the main factors in getting great pants, some may prefer one look over the other regardless of the styler. Advantages to pleated front pants include a bit of extra room, which some guys may find more comfortable, as well as roomy pockets (depending on the design of the pants and pleats themselves). Pleats also add extra style elements to the pants themselves, which some men may prefer.

Some men prefer pants with flat fronts simply because they like the clean-lined look these pants provide. They also have a slightly closer fit to the body, so men who like close-fitting styles may find that they prefer this look. Though pleated pants can have a modern look, they also have a classic feel. Flat-front can look extremely modern, classically timeless, or have a slightly retro vibe, all depending on the specific design and fabric. From traditional chinos to cool corduroy pants, there are dozens of options in men’s pants today.

How to Style Your Pants

The beauty of both pleated and flat-fronts are that they can both be styled in multiple ways to pull off a variety of looks. Both types look great with men’s dress shirts, men’s sport shirts, polished polo shirts, and depending on the pant style, short and long-sleeved tees. Men’s sweaters, turtlenecks, or cardigans over men’s polo shirts or button-downs are great choices for cooler weather. Want to take your look up a notch? Add a smart blazer or jacket to your look. Top it off with stylish shoes that complement your overall outfit, and you’re set.

Pant Styles for Today’s Guys

By shopping smart, modern guys can find high-quality, stylish choices in both flat-front and pleated trousers. Take the time to find a great fit, and look to trusted retailers that know how to make both of these pant styles. Once you’ve added them to your wardrobe, you’ll be ready to create a variety of outfits that make your personal style shine as well as keep you comfortable.


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