Plan the Perfect Stay-at-Home Christmas Brunch

Plan the Perfect Stay-at-Home Christmas Brunch

There's something about Christmas cheer that just makes food taste a little better. Maybe it's the tinsel still stuck to your slipper, or the falling snow outside, or the smiles on everyone's faces. Whatever the reason, holiday meals transform into lasting memories. For most people, two important meals happen on Christmas. Christmas dinner gets a lot of hype, and for good reason, but Christmas brunch really sets the tone for the day. You've opened your Christmas gifts, enjoyed a slow morning around the crackling fire, and have already gone back for a few coffee refills. Now, it's time to eat, and it's important to make the meal feel special.

Planning the perfect stay-at-home Christmas brunch will take some preparation and creativity. To avoid stress on the morning of, you'll want to prep as much as you can in advance. With the right steps taken during the planning process, the result can be a huge (and oh so tasty) payoff. The good news is we've got you covered with some tricks and tips that'll make the process feel like a piece of (coffee) cake.

Make a Merry Menu

One thing that makes eating at a restaurant fun is sliding into a seat and opening up a new menu to contemplate each delicious option. For a stay-at-home holiday brunch, you can bring that simple pleasure right into your kitchen. Either solo or with your family, create a DIY menu that you can lay out on the table. Enlist the artist in your group to decorate the menus with Christmas-themed drawings, or opt for holiday stickers and nice paper to get the job done. Make sure you include the date somewhere on the menu in case anyone wants to save it as a memento from the day, and simply list out the tasty dishes and drinks that'll be available at brunch. If you want to take it a step further, you can even give the items on the list fun names, like "Santa's Skillet Hash and Eggs" or "Tannenbaum Toast and Jam".

Serve Festive Foods

Of course, having a printed or hand-drawn menu won't mean much if the dishes aren't special! Rather than opting for foods you and your family enjoy every day, send everyone on a mission to find one recipe they want to try, and start there. Or, if you're planning the meal solo, look for inspiration online for trendy holiday dishes that'll make Christmas brunch memorable. If you're the one cooking and you have picky eaters to worry about, make sure you tweak recipes as needed to meet your specific needs. To keep the meal feeling festive, choose an array of dishes that'll feature bright colors and seasonal flavors.

Set a Tasteful Table

One great thing about having your Christmas brunch at home is that you can have full creative agency when it comes to decorating the table. Now that you have your menu ready to go and your perfect dishes picked out, Christmas kitchen & dining décor will tie the whole thing together. Swap out your standard tableware for festive placemats, holiday napkin rings, and a show-stopping runner or tablecloth. This will be sure to create a joyous atmosphere that's the perfect environment for digging into your seasonal dishes.

Plan a Dreamy Dress Code

Another huge perk about enjoying Christmas brunch at home is that you don't have to change out of your PJs before the meal. With this in mind, making Christmas morning feel like an extended pajama party can be a fun way to make the experience feel even more festive. The whole family can rock Christmas pajamas around the table, which paired with your holiday decorations can make for a perfect meal (not to mention the best photos!). Plus, in cozy Santa-approved comfy clothes, you'll feel your coziest, which we all know is the best way to indulge in a feast.

Create a Peaceful Playlist

A holiday playlist can be the finishing touch you need to make your stay-at-home Christmas brunch feel complete. Most music streaming options will have pre-selected Christmas playlists to choose from, so as long as you have a sound system or speaker set up, you'll be ready to go. You can also curate your own playlist, choosing from all of your family's go-to Christmas songs and carols. As with all of these tips, you'll want to plan ahead so that you can relax the morning of. Be sure to queue up your playlist in advance so you can just hit play and enjoy the meal.

These are just a few ideas for planning the perfect stay-at-home Christmas brunch. With so much magic happening in your kitchen or dining room, it'll be easy to see that there's truly no place like home for the holidays.

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