Why Monogrammed Gifts Are Terrific for High School Graduates

Why Monogrammed Gifts Are Terrific for High School Graduates

It can be difficult to find “the perfect gift” for someone who’s graduating from high school. But you can eliminate half the trouble by taking the word “perfect” out of the equation when you’re on the quest for a graduation gift. Sure, the person you’re buying the gift for may end up thinking it’s perfect, but putting yourself under pressure to buy the best gift makes it more stressful and difficult. Instead, start your search by looking for a great gift that they’ll appreciate.

After graduating from high school, your gift recipient will probably want to look back with fondness at the past four years, so a monogrammed gift with a personal touch is ideal. Here are some terrific monogrammed gift ideas for high school graduates.

Why a Monogrammed Gift?

So, you’re probably wondering, why a monogrammed gift? Why not just get a plain item? That’s a great question. The short answer is that it shows you put a lot of thought into your gift. For example, it’s great to get someone a blanket, but doesn’t it make it even more personal and exciting if it has their initials on it? We think so! As kids graduate from high school, they’ll be emerging into the adult world. This means that they will need all the houseware items they can get. By adding a monogram, it adds a personal touch that’s hard to beat! Also, their roommates will know to keep their paws off their amazing towels, blankets, backpack, luggage, etc. since their initials will be right on these items!

A Monogrammed Blanket

Saying goodbye to the past and embracing the future can be scary, especially for someone who is barely 18 years old. A monogrammed blanket can embrace them when you can’t. It can be personalized with a congratulatory message, with the name of their high school or future college, or even with a symbol or emoji that means something special to you and them.

A Monogrammed Toiletry Case

No matter what’s on the horizon for a high school graduate, time away from home is almost always part of it, which makes this a thoughtful gift. A toiletry case that is monogrammed with their initials is also a gift they’ll be able to use for the rest of their lives. Bonus: this is also a gift for whoever may be living with the young person after high school, since it’ll hopefully keep toiletries from being spread across the entire bathroom.

Monogrammed Bath Towel

For the high school graduate who is heading off to college, a monogrammed bath towel can prevent them from losing their towel in the shared bathroom or laundry room. And when it is made of super soft cotton, they’ll surely appreciate it as their go-to towel for years to come.

Monogrammed Backpack

A monogrammed backpack or laptop bag can be equally useful for college-bound students and for those who are directly entering the workforce. They’ll likely need something to replace their old backpack anyway, so this is a great and meaningful gift for any high school graduate. Personalizing it with their initials gives it that added special touch.

A Picture Frame or Photo Album

When it comes to high school memories, there are two camps of people: those who look back with fondness and those who look back with gratitude that it’s all over. Still, regardless of whether you enjoyed high school, you likely made some connections with people that mattered to you. Put yourself in the shoes of the graduate you’re gifting to and think of ways they can make their fond memories and friendships last. A photo album or picture frame that is personalized with the name of their high school and year of graduation can be a great gift to help them cherish the good memories.

A Monogrammed Flannel Robe

It’s amazing how many kids don’t have robes and instead lounge around in the same old tattered sweats every day. A monogrammed flannel robe is a great gift for the high school graduate who wants to feel a little more like a grown-up. It also keeps them warm and comfy when they’re binging on Netflix all day until they find a job or go off to college.

A Monogrammed Laundry Bag

Any parent who is sending their child off to college after high school probably expects to see them only when they have laundry to do. For those weekend trips back home, show you still care by gifting them a laundry bag personalized with their initials on it. That doesn’t mean you have to do their laundry for them, though!

Monogrammed Luggage

A good number of high school graduates end up traveling overseas. If your high school graduate is lucky enough to be afforded that opportunity, consider gifting some monogrammed luggage or a backpack to help them identify their belongings at the airport or on the train. This is another gift they’ll likely use for the rest of their lives.

Ultimately, what you gift to a high school graduate will depend on what they plan on doing after high school, as well as what their extracurricular activities were during the past four years. Take those into consideration when choosing and personalizing a gift. For example, someone going to college might appreciate something for their dorm room or something they can use to transport their belongings between school and home. Someone directly entering the workforce might appreciate something like a monogrammed lunch bag, so their lunch doesn’t get lost in the office refrigerator.

Whatever you choose, adding a monogram can give it just the right personal touch to make it a terrific graduation gift.



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