How a Good Pair of Jeans Can Change a Man's Life

How a Good Pair of Jeans Can Change a Man's Life

Can a good pair of men's jeans change your life? For us, the answer is yes. If you think that notion may be a little far-fetched, we'll share the reasons that support our case below.


Comfort is typically the first consideration when it comes to selecting any piece of clothing, and why shouldn't it be? If you don't feel comfortable in your clothing, you won't feel comfortable, period. From interactions with others to your confidence in work situations to even your own mood, it's just harder to get through the day if you aren't feeling physically comfortable. That's why having a good pair of jeans can be potentially life-changing. A pair of well-worn jeans eventually will shape to the wearer's body overtime, making it one of the most comfortable items of clothing out there.


They say that jeans go with everything ... and that's pretty close to true. While we wouldn't advocate for wearing jeans to a black-tie wedding, they can find their way into virtually any other outfit or scenario. Just thinking of all the combinations can be dizzying. A pair of blue jeans with a white t-shirt is a classic, All-American look. Jeans with a men's flannel shirt lean a little more outdoorsy, and jeans worn with a button-down oxford and a navy blazer have come to define our modern business casual dress code.


A pair of jeans can also be an incredible time-saver. Whether it leaves you feeling panicked or merely stumped, the experience of just not knowing what to wear for the day ahead is never a tranquil–or time-efficient–way to start your day. Luckily, having the right pair of jeans hanging from a hook in your closet can eliminate that frustrating scenario altogether. If you can consider that pair of jeans an evergreen item that you can pull on at the start of any day, half of your work has already been done for you. Now you've just got to consider what will be worn up top, and as we outlined earlier, those possibilities are nearly limitless.


When it comes to "investment pieces," people usually think in terms of dress shoes, suits, and other items meant for professional wear that typically command higher prices. Yet from a cost-benefits standpoint, it's hard to argue that any item of clothing delivers as much return on investment as a pair of jeans. Considering that you can wear them close to 365 days a year, your favorite pair of jeans is a one-time purchase that is useful every day.


Ok, we're not going to go as far as saying that your favorite pair of jeans becomes an actual companion over the course of wear, but sometimes it can feel that way. What other items so closely conform to the body of the wearer, and over time even reflect how you've worn them through fading? Jeans will soak up mud from your post-Thanksgiving football game, can absorb spilled mustard from that baseball game, and can spring back to life again and again after stains that would put a pair of khaki pants down for the count. Those reasons and more is why it can be so disappointing to see the evidence of that first rip: you and that pair of jeans have been on a journey together, and you're just not ready to see it end. Luckily, it doesn't have to. The more your repair your jeans, from sewing seams to even adding patches to cover up large tears, the more those jeans will become uniquely yours.

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