Long winter parka or short down puffer jacket – which is warmer?

Shopping for a winter jacket can be tough. There are so many styles and options to choose from, and you might feel torn between a long coat or something short and sporty. Each one has its perks, so think about what you need before making a decision.

If you regularly wear dresses and skirts, you might like a full-length down winter coat that guards your legs from the cold. Something that hits mid-calf is also nice for protecting yourself from icy wind. Just throw on a hat, scarf and pair of women’s winter gloves from Lands’ End, and you’ll be unstoppable.

Are you always on the go? When you’re taking kids to school and running errands all day, you need a practical coat that’s easy to maneuver in, like a lightweight down jacket. Down is the best insulator out there. But here’s the thing: a winter parka is loaded with pockets. You could consider leaving your canvas tote at home when you’re wearing that warmer.

If you can’t decide between a short or long women’s winter coat, you can’t beat the parka. Its mid-thigh length provides just enough coverage without getting in your way. Extra insulation throughout its upper body makes it super cozy.

As long as your coat is well-insulated, windproof and water-resistant, you’ll make it through winter with a smile on your face. A long down coat can keep you warmer by shielding more of your body from the elements, but a short down jacket can do the job just fine, too, with points for convenience and easy storage. Maybe just add a pair of long underwear.

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